5 Virtual Event Platforms to Consider for Your Next Corporate Event

5 Virtual Event Platforms to Consider for Your Next Corporate Event

50% of B2B marketers host 20-30 virtual events every year, while 21% organize over 30 events a year. These marketers — as well as all marketing professionals and corporate executives — require a virtual event platform that makes it easy to exchange business-related information in a digital environment.

Whether you are hosting a conference, webinar, presentation, AGM, C-suite address, or another event, it's hard to know which online platform provides the best performance, privacy, and security required for corporate communications.

In this guide, we examine the best virtual event platforms on the market so you can optimize your next corporate event.

1) Panopto

Panopto is an online video streaming platform that lets you broadcast corporate events online. Global organizations like Nike and Canon use Panopto, which comes with features like analytics, captioning, and integrations with content management systems. You can also integrate the platform with Zoom, Slack, and Skype.

Panopto doesn't publish prices on its website, making it difficult to compare it to other tools on this list.

2) Vimeo

Vimeo is an online video management and streaming platform. Features include private links, social publishing, video storage, cloud transcoding, and more. You can integrate the tool with Slack, Adobe, and Google Drive, and other add-ons.

Vimeo doesn't offer phone support. However, there are tutorials and a live chat feature.

Note: Users can't live stream corporate events on Vimeo's free option or self-serve paid plans. To access streaming, you will need to upgrade to the full-price Premium plan.

3) Brightcove

Brightcove is an online video streaming service that powers corporate communications for town halls, sales meetings, and other events. Features include IP restrictions, analytics, drag-and-drop playlists, digital rights management, and an HTML5 player. You can integrate Brightcove with Adobe, Sitecore, and other tools. Brightcove's customer service options include phone, email, and live chat.

Brightcove's pricing model charges users based on the number of video plays.

4) Kaltura

Kaltura caters to educational institutions with various training and learning features. However, corporations might still benefit from features such as video messaging, virtual town halls, analytics, and integrations with WordPress, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Fire TV.

Kaltura differs from other platforms on this list because users select (and pay for) the specific features they require. The company doesn't publish prices on its website. Also, there's no phone support, and users can only contact a team member via a support ticket.

5) Viostream: The Better Alternative

Viostream is a video platform built for corporations wanting to communicate online. Companies can exchange information in a secure digital environment while benefitting from powerful live streaming and video-on-demand features such as:

  • World-class security that protects any proprietary information you share with clients, investors, partners, shareholders, customers, and colleagues. Features include IP restrictions, single sign-on authentication, password policies, geo-blocking, user roles, and ISO27001.
  • Accessibility features such as closed captioning and transcriptions.
  • The latest 4K/HTML5 video technology to enhance the audio-visual quality of your corporate communications.
  • Branded video galleries that host previous live streams in one place. You won't find this feature on many online video platforms.
  • Robust platform metrics that provide valuable video management insights for marketers and corporate executives. For example, financial companies can discover which financial advisers in specific locations engage with their content and use these insights to create future marketing campaigns for different markets. This approach improves word-of-mouth advertising and moves prospects through sales funnels more efficiently.
  • Live URLs so people can join your live stream quickly.
  • Embed videos of previous live events into your web pages.
  • Integrations that enhance virtual corporate events such as live chat and enhanced analytics. These add-ons include Tableau, Bridge, Silver Peak, Looker, Fastly, Salesforce Einstein Analytics, and Amazon CloudFront.
  • Improve internal communications and engagement.
  • Customer service options include phone and email support, frequently asked questions, and online guides.
  • A flexible payment model based on the number of users, not the number of video plays, which could work out cheaper for your organization.

Businesses have used Viostream for corporate communications for almost 20 years, making it a valuable addition to any tech stack.

Final Word

Various virtual event platforms on the market let you communicate within and outside your organization. Panopto, Vimeo, Brightcove, and Kaltura all make reliable choices for digital corporate communications, but Viostream boasts unique features such as branded video galleries and robust platform analytics. This platform also improves security, privacy, and compliance by keeping sensitive data safe--a benefit you won't get with free online platforms like YouTube.

Viostream makes it simple to host a sales meeting, AGM, virtual town hall, webinar, or another corporate event. Start your free trial with us today.

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Paul Vecchiato
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