A Hybrid Workplace Strategy for Effective Communication

A Hybrid Workplace Strategy for Effective Communication

In a post-pandemic world, the workplace looks different. Teams are no longer forced to congregate in one physical office every day. Instead, the world's most successful companies embrace a hybrid work model.

In a hybrid workplace, some people work remotely from home, and some people work in the office. This type of workplace gives everyone enough space to breathe and stay healthy. It also allows team leaders to access talent beyond their geographic location, ensuring they can assemble the strongest teams possible (and not just from the pool of people that live around where the company office is located).

One key to building a hybrid workplace that functions is to use a hybrid workplace strategy. With a hybrid workplace strategy, you lay out different ways to communicate with all employees. You also have plans for ensuring that every person who works at your company is in the know and feels like part of the group, even if they can't physically be with everybody else.

With a hybrid workplace strategy, you can incorporate things like live video, training videos, video newsletters, and more, to make your presence vivid and real to remote workers. They can also communicate with you via video to ensure you get to know their personality and a sense of who they are as well. Read on to learn more about setting up a hybrid workplace strategy.

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Basics of a Hybrid Workplace Strategy

You know you need a hybrid workplace strategy to succeed. But just what should your hybrid workplace strategy include? Here are some key elements to consider when you build your strategy.

  • Make sure you onboard remote employees. Remote employees should go through an extensive onboarding process when joining your company. Don't just hand them a company packet or have them watch a company values video. Start with a video onboarding process and immediately bring them into the fold of your team.
  • Host meetings with live video. When you have meetings with your team, your remote workers should always be included via video. Don't conference them in with just speakerphone or update them after. If you appear on their computer screen and speakers via video and audio, and they on yours, then you can really feel like the entire team is present for each meeting. This helps ensure workers are up-to-date and really feel valued and included during every meeting you host. One great video tool to use online is Viostream. Viostream offers broadcasting capabilities and a video library in the cloud. Sign up for Viostream's 14-day free trial to check out the full suite of business-centric video offerings.
  • Use videos for training. Don't send written materials to train remote workers on work processes. Create a library of training videos you can use again and again. Training remote workers with videos can show them explicitly how to perform work processes and give them a better sense of what it would feel like to be trained in-office.
  • Consider rotating people between in-office and home. If all your employees live in your geographic area, consider setting up a schedule where you switch between who works in the office and who works from home. That way, every employee will have the opportunity to work in the office, and all employees will have the chance to experience the flexibility of working from home. If everyone has a similar experience, you can ensure that everyone will feel equally included at the company.

How Viostream Can Help With Your Hybrid Workplace Strategy

Having a hybrid workplace can be challenging, but it is at times necessary in the modern business world. If you want to make sure you're setting up a workplace that works for everyone involved—including all the people who work from the office and the people who work from home—you need to come up with a hybrid workplace strategy that maps out how you will build strong team bonds, effectively train everyone working for you, and create one cohesive work culture where everyone feels included.

An essential tool that can help you execute this strategy is Viostream. Viostream is one of the world's leading video platforms for businesses. When you use Viostream, you can take advantage of the many video-related tools it offers, including a cloud-based video library where everyone can access your company's videos as long as they have an internet connection.

Viostream can help with a hybrid workplace strategy because it allows people to train from afar, access company video newsletters, and see the same video content whether they have access to workplace computers or only access to their own. By making video content available to all employees no matter where they work, you can harness the power of video for effective workplace communication and build strong teams that can exist beyond the physical bounds of an office.

Want to see if Viostream can help with your hybrid workplace strategy? Try our 14-day free trial today. You can get a sense of the video features Viostream has to offer and determine whether they help you create the thriving hybrid workplace you need.

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