What Is a Hybrid Work Schedule When Teams Work From Home?

What Is a Hybrid Work Schedule When Teams Work From Home?

Hybrid work is a working model where some employees work from home and others work in the office. The amount of time spent remotely or in the office will depend on your organization, but this approach typically brings employees more flexibility in their working arrangements.

When integrating this type of working model into your organization, it's a good idea to create a hybrid work schedule that outlines when employees should work from home or the office. But what is a hybrid work schedule, and how does it work?

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What Is a Hybrid Work Schedule, Really?

What is a hybrid work schedule? It's an arrangement or plan that enables employees to combine remote work with working in the office. It considers each team members' needs and tries to find the best solution for implementing hybrid work effectively.

There are various hybrid work schedules you might want to incorporate into your organization. Below, we've included a few of the most popular approaches.

The Two-Three Split Hybrid Work Schedule

Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, popularized the hybrid work schedule with a two-three split after announcing his employees can choose to work three days a week in the office and two days at home. While this schedule prioritizes working in the office, it still allows employees to work from home for two days a week, which reduces the number of team members in the office at any one time.

You might decide on another type of hybrid work "split" that balances working from home and working in the office. For example, you might ask your employees to work four days in the office and one day from home, or two days in the office and three days at home. The choice is yours.

Whether employees work from home one day a week or five, you can now track the videos you share with them and discover how remote workers engage with this content. Viostream's enterprise-level analytics monitor your videos across devices and locations so you can learn which content best resonates with teams. With its dashboard-style interface, it's now easier than ever to track views, engagement, and other video metrics. Read more about Viostream's video analytics capabilities or start your free trial now.

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The Half-and-Half Hybrid Work Schedule

What is a hybrid work schedule that's half-and-half? It's one where employees spend half of their time in the office and the other half working remotely. This half-and-half split became popular after Microsoft announced its employees could work from home for half of the working week. The reason for Microsoft's hybrid work schedule is to give employees as much flexibility to support their work styles.

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Allowing Employees To Choose Their Hybrid Work Schedule

You might decide against a rigid hybrid work schedule and instead allow employees to choose when to come to the office or work from home. By giving team members this freedom, you might notice improved productivity in your organization, increased employee satisfaction, and better mental health outcomes for workers.

However, this type of hybrid work schedule may still need some ground rules. For example, you might require employees to attend work for an important meeting or training event. Ask yourself, "What is a hybrid work schedule that works for everyone?"

How Does Video Support Hybrid Work Schedules?

Whatever hybrid work schedule you choose, you need the right technologies to communicate with team members working from home. That includes video, which can improve learning retention, engagement, and participation among remote audiences. Videos can create a simple learning experience that provides at-home teams with information about your business. For example, you can live stream office meetings or create pre-recorded videos that employees can access in their own time. No matter where teams are, you can convey business-critical information directly to their homes.

Here are some of the ways to support hybrid workers with videos:

  • Share best practices in pre-recorded videos and share these videos with teams simultaneously. Using videos to communicate business knowledge can be quicker than relaying the same information to individual team members.
  • Recognize the success of individual employees in videos and upload these to your intranet or social media pages.
  • Add polls or live chat features to live streams so at-home workers can participate in conversations. The best video streaming platforms integrate with third-party communication tools.
  • Explain topics like 'What is a hybrid work schedule?' or 'the benefits of hybrid work' to employees via video. This can make the transition to a hybrid work easier for teams.

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What is a hybrid work schedule? It's an arrangement that allows employees to divide their time between their homes and your office. Deciding on the specifics of your schedule, employees might spend more time in the office or carry out most of their duties from home.

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