Hybrid Workforce: More Than A Trend

Hybrid Workforce: More Than A Trend

If you ask brands, marketers, and entrepreneurs about the future of work, they discuss emerging technologies and changing company philosophies. But if you ask an employee about the future of work, you’ll get a different answer. That’s because employees in a wide range of industries know that the future of work is, in fact, a hybrid workforce.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many companies to shift to a hybrid workforce quite quickly. Since then, many companies have realized that hybrid offices aren’t just a temporary solution to the pandemic. Hybrid offices are considered the future of work, and hybrid workers will likely dominate the total workforce in years to come.

Why Hybrid Workers Are the Future of Work

In 2021, the hybrid office became the new norm, despite strong concerns by employers. There was a worry that remote workers wouldn't maintain a strong company culture while away from the office for so long. Additionally, employers were concerned that they wouldn't be able to monitor employee productivity. However, after a bit of time, those concerns were alleviated. Hybrid workers proved they could all work together and function as a strong team.

Of course, today’s ever-advancing technology facilitated the hybrid model. Collaboration tools and feature-rich communication platforms enabled remote workers to operate in conjunction with team members in the office. With these tools, tasks could be assigned with ease and team members could support projects across multiple locations. Documents could be easily shared, edited, and stored, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

There is no discounting that online tools certainly played a massive role in the future of work. However, another integral component aided in ensuring the success of the hybrid workforce. Employers used videos to continue developing high-performing teams and provide training accessible to all workers. Videos are ideal for onboarding new employees and improving team skills and knowledge.

Viostream is an enterprise-grade video management platform ideal for training and learning. Viostream enables you to create engaging video-based training curriculums that integrate easily with other learning platforms. The platform also features real-time analytics that make it easier to monitor and understand learner behavior. Start your free trial and test drive Viostream free for 14 days.

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How Employers and Employees Are Adjusting to the Future of Work

A McKinsey survey reveals that more than 75% of C-suite executives expect to spend three or more days in the office. The survey also reveals that work flexibility is now expected to be the future of work for many. The hybrid workforce showed great effectiveness during the pandemic, and is now increasing effectiveness as employers engage new tools to improve the hybrid model. In fact, the future of work appears to focus solely upon improving the work-life balance employees crave.

Of course, there will likely always be some uncertainty inherent in this new business model. But that is because the success of each individual hybrid workspace depends on how well individual employers adapt to and encourage their workforce. The success ultimately relies on an investment by the employer, both in technology and in trust. Employers need to be able to trust that remote workers will maintain productivity and perform well. Once again, a significant difference can be made when employers show how they value their employees. This can be done in many ways, but one of the most effective is through training and learning development videos via a platform like Viostream.

Why Viostream?

Training employees effectively and adequately is essential for ensuring employee retention while encouraging productivity. A powerful training program will improve your organization and enable you to develop an amazingly talented team. Viostream is an enterprise-grade video platform that lets you share your training videos with remote workers. The platform makes it easy for you to manage and host video content. At the same time, it ensures reliable streaming and permission-based access.

The Future of Work — For How Long?

While it is obvious now that the hybrid workspace model is far more than just a trend, just how long will it actually last? Will there be another world-changing event that brings about a grand restructuring of the current work model in the future? Or will we see a stronger shift to more and more workers spending time working from home and less time in the office?

There really is no way of telling how the future of work will change in two, five, or 20 years. But for now, the hybrid workforce is here to stay, and it is dominating the landscape.

How Viostream Can Help

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