How Do Private Video Hosting Platforms Work?

How Do Private Video Hosting Platforms Work?

In a 2020 survey, 93 percent of businesses said video is a key part of their marketing strategy — jumping from 78 percent in 2015. Video trumps all other content types, not only for building brand awareness and engagement but also for in-house purposes such as employee training and live streaming key events.

Public video-sharing sites like YouTube and Daily Motion can put your videos before a worldwide audience at no cost. But a private video hosting platform has a long list of features that can help businesses make the most of their video productions by providing more security, better analytics, and full control over on-demand and live-streamed content. Download our free e-book The Ultimate Video Platform Buying Guide to create your own checklist of what you look for in a video platform.

What Is Private Video Hosting?

Private video hosting platforms offer business users a variety of paid solutions for uploading and managing video content of all kinds. These platforms give users complete control over their content and how it can be shared and distributed. Privately hosted video content is not available to the public and not visible to search engines, so content publishers can make all the decisions about where to put the content and who should be allowed to see it.

Private video hosting is available under a wide range of plans and pricing, so there’s an option for just about every budget. Many platforms offer free or very low-cost starter plans with limited uploads or viewing hours, and multiple tiers offer a range of additional options at prices that can range upwards of $1,000 per month.

Although all private hosting providers offer basic hosting for VOD (Video On Demand), many also cater to the fast-growing trend for live streaming, with additional options for offering this kind of video experience alongside VOD. Some platforms also offer publishers hosting for their own OTT (Over The Top) video channels streamed directly to viewers via the Internet, without the need for intermediaries such as cable companies or broadcast stations. Private video hosts can also focus on serving specific video publishing needs, such as educational video, sports, or religion.

Why Choose Private Video Hosting?

YouTube and other free, mass-market video hosting platforms are so ubiquitous that it can seem that they’re the only solution for anyone who wants to upload and share video content of any kind. These platforms host videos ranging from tutorials and personal vlogs to branded business content, and they’re completely cost-free with virtually no upload limits.

Public vs. Private Video Hosting Platforms

With their massive reach and worldwide recognition, public platforms can be a part of a company’s overall video content strategy, But they also come with strings attached, such as mandatory advertising and the risk of having content removed from the site. Private video hosting eliminates many of these and other features that interfere with a brand’s online presentation — and it can create new opportunities for using video that public hosting platforms aren’t equipped to provide.

Private Video Hosting Gives Users Complete Control

Free public video hosting platforms make their money from advertising, and every video comes with ads that can’t be skipped. When a business posts its own branded content, that can dilute the message and confuse viewers. Likewise, branded content that’s only viewable on a public platform can get lost among the millions of videos that are constantly being uploaded every day. And since platforms like YouTube also offer recommendations for further viewing, your branded content might find itself keeping some undesirable company.

With private video hosting, content publishers can control virtually every aspect of the process. Videos can be password protected for viewing by a select group, embedded into websites, or posted to dedicated channels that can be customized for brand identity. In that way, private hosting supports use cases that public platforms simply aren’t suited for, such as posting videos for in-house purposes like employee training or live streaming company events.

Private Hosting Provides Full Support for Live Streaming

Free hosting platforms can offer a wealth of VOD content, but they weren't originally designed for live streaming. Today, most free video hosting platforms offer a limited live streaming option such as YouTube's "Go Live" feature, but these options don't have the functionality and versatility to meet business needs. A private host can offer multiple options for managing live-streamed content such as webinars, lectures, and demonstrations that can build brand authority and boost customer engagement.

Private Platforms Provide Strong Security

Because public hosts simply offer users a place to park their content, they typically aren’t very secure. Private hosting platforms generally offer robust security features to keep content safe and protect users’ accounts — an important consideration for anyone publishing video content that contains sensitive in-house information or content that requires users to provide passwords and other personal data.

Private Hosting Offers Full Support and Customer Service

Free platforms typically offer relatively little by way of customer support and guidance. Private video hosting platforms offer dedicated and reliable customer service for all users, whether they’re on a free or low-cost plan or paying thousands for a custom account.

How Viostream Can Help

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur who’s just getting started with video or managing a wide-ranging video strategy for a large corporation, private video hosting offers the security, privacy, and content control you need to make video on demand and live streaming a cornerstone of your content strategy.

Viostream’s video hosting platform has the tools that help you and your team create, manage, and share high-quality videos for every experience — and the support you need every step of the way. We’ve got a plan for every business size and stage. Start your free trial today and explore your video possibilities.

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