Mar 14, 2022

Your Guide to the Top Video Marketing Benefits of 2022

There's no doubt about it: brands that want to captivate markets in 2022 need to put themselves out there. Gone are the days when consumers would pay attention to ads during television shows or read and internalize messages on billboards along the highway. Now, if a company wants to capture the attention of the public, its marketers need to create quality content that grabs—and holds—attention. A great way to do that is through video.

Digital marketing strategies such as SEO and email marketing will always be the primary elements of a comprehensive online marketing campaign. But while these forms of content marketing could once reliably serve as the only components, savvy marketers have realized over the years that video marketing has also become integral to establishing a brand as an authority in the industry. Some other great video marketing benefits are that videos drive sales and deliver a strong ROI.

Marketing videos work because they enable brands to infuse narrative into their promotional material, increasing the chance a consumer retains information about the brand after watching. Another of the top video marketing benefits is that videos are excellent at quickly communicating the brand’s intended audience. Videos can use visuals, music, tone, and language to make a statement about who a company is and what they do.

Marketing videos are powerful, but what are some ways they can help your business in the year ahead? Read on to learn more about what video marketing is, what the best video marketing benefits are, and how you can take advantage of the power of video in the year to come.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the conception, planning, and production of a video that grabs consumer attention, increases brand awareness, and helps grow your customer base. But that is actually just one part of the video marketing equation.

Knowing what types of videos to produce, when to publish your videos, and what channels to publish them on is also important. When done properly, the video market can be great indeed.

That’s why video marketing is a key priority for many businesses in all industries this year and beyond. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of consumers who watch online videos, and how often they watch, has risen exponentially. This means that marketers and brands that effectively harness the potential of video marketing in 2022 can truly benefit more than ever before.

Videos are engaging — they tell stories, they resonate with your target audience, and they are more memorable than text content. Consider the following benefits of video marketing, and you’ll quickly realize why it has become such an effective format.

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Video Increases Conversion Rates

Videos on a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. They also can have a powerful impact on other parts of the buying process. In fact, studies show that things like product videos aid consumers in their buying decision.

Product videos are much more effective in showcasing a product, its features, and its benefits than a written article. A recent study done by a large online retailer showed that conversions went up 44% when the company started including product videos with product listings online, to show how their products worked and looked. This means videos ultimately work to improve and deepen consumer understanding of the product, which makes them more inclined to buy it.

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Video Helps to Establish Your Brand

Brand recognition and consumer loyalty are increasingly important in an ever-growing competitive marketplace. Videos serve to showcase your brand in a more memorable fashion. Corporate videos and branding videos can showcase the personality of your brand and educate consumers about your mission and ideals. When these resonate with your target audience, it establishes trust, which in turn serves to increase sales.

If you're ready to create product videos and take advantage of other video marketing benefits in 2022, check out Viostream. The cloud-based video platform offers a 14-day free trial allowing you to see how your advertising marketing efforts could improve—before you ever spend a cent of your seasonal budget.

You're Giving Consumers What They Want

Recent global trends indicate that consumers prefer videos over any other form of content. While most searches for information about a product or brand begin with a major search engine, results that lead to videos are more likely to be viewed first. In fact, search engines such as Google have already been placing videos at the top of their search results, catering to the wants and needs of consumers and making it even easier for them to find what they’re seeking.

Videos Improve Search Engine Rankings

The metadata included in published videos can help you improve your search engine rankings. And, the longer a consumer views your page after arriving from a Google search, the more importance Google will place on that page, subsequently improving your search engine rankings. This is a very important factor, called dwell time, that Google uses to rank pages.

And since 80% of marketers say video has increased dwell time on their sites, it only makes more sense to focus more on video marketing than other forms of content marketing.

If you're ready to up your video marketing game, consider adopting a video hosting platform that allows you to create branded videos easily. One platform option is Viostream. With a host like Viostream, you can easily and intuitively utilize the power of videos to get your company noticed. Start your free trial and test out this feature for yourself.

Videos Encourage Social Sharing

Because videos can be such an engaging medium, consumers are also more inclined to share them with others. This is one of the major benefits of video marketing — consumers will share videos via social media, messaging apps, forums, and email, improving your marketing efforts without any extra cost. Social sharing is like free marketing. It serves to expand your marketing reach and attract new potential customers and clients, increase conversion rates, and further build brand awareness.

Taking Advantage of Video Marketing Benefits: Here's How Viostream Can Help

To ensure a high ROI and truly reap the benefits of video marketing, many brands utilize an advanced video marketing platform to create, manage, publish, and analyze their video assets in ways that free platforms don't offer. One tool you can also use to experience video marketing benefits is Viostream.

Viostream is a robust, enterprise-grade video management platform that can help a brand transform its video communications, manage and track the effectiveness of its video content, and expand a brand’s audience with superior live-streaming capabilities. Its secure and intuitive platform offers a wealth of features for marketers that wish to improve and expand upon their video marketing strategy and maintain an edge over competitors. Are you interested in learning more about how the platform can help you boost your marketing in 2022? Start your Viostream free trial today. For 14 days, you can explore the benefits of the site without paying a dime. Experience the power of video marketing benefits and improve communication within your company, too.

Brendan Sas
Brendan Sas is a digital designer and creator based in Sydney, Australia.
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