Jul 27, 2021

How to Host a Great Webinar

So much of the world is happening online today, and organizations are relying on the Internet for many important business activities — including education. Organizations can use recorded, produced videos to market or share useful information with the world, and they can utilize live video to foster a strong connection with an audience by hosting live webinars. Webinars can be used to reach people no matter where they are located, and they are a powerful tool for sharing information and teaching important lessons. It is also important to know how to properly manage your webinars. Check out Viostream's management page to learn more about how we can help you with your webinars.

Webinars are a great way to show off the knowledge and expertise your team has, and they're also a means of providing value to your customers. When you show your audience that you have something to offer them, you increase the chances that they feel aligned with your brand, which could lead to a sale.

Not sure how to host a webinar? Keep these tips in mind when you're planning and executing your webinar, and make sure you complete your post-webinar analysis to see how your event succeeded — and how you can improve for the next time.

Use the Right Platform

Not all video platforms offer live streaming at every tier. So pick a platform and payment level for your webinar that is easy to use and allows you to live stream to an audience. You want to be able to invite people to the webinar with the simple sharing of a link, and they should be able to attend your event with a simple click. A platform like Viostream allows you to send invites, collect RSVPs, and hold the event all through the same link. Viostream can also store and host the video for you so that people who missed the live event can attend later--also through the one universal link.

Make Sure You Have Adequate A/V Equipment

Once you've chosen the webinar platform, the platform will broadcast and store your webinar for you. But in order to capture the webinar, you need the right equipment. Make sure you have a camera that can capture video and connect to the web (or connect to a device that connects to the web). It is worth investing in a high-quality microphone as well so that you can be heard clearly, even for the people who are watching on mobile devices. You don't want people to miss out on your valuable information because they can't hear you.

Promote the Event

Make sure you promote the event the right way. Sending out an invite to your mailing list is a good way to invite people who already know about your company, but a webinar is also a great chance to draw new people into your business too. Consider using SEO to optimize your webinar landing page for search. That way, people who are looking for similar topics to what your webinar is about will find your event in their search results. Also, make sure you are promoting the webinar on your social media pages, forums, and industry-specific websites that target the right audience.

Create Beautiful, Clear Visuals

Usually, a webinar includes a speaker or multiple speakers. But you can really enhance your webinar if you create clear visuals to go along with what they're saying. A well-designed slide deck will help take your webinar to the next level. This will also make your event inclusive for people who aren't able to hear or for people who are more visual learners than auditory learners. You can either project that deck in the room with you so people can see it on camera or share your visuals so webinar viewers see it as their entire screen. Viostream's live stream feature even offers a presentation mode so viewers see a split-screen of the speaker and the deck at the same time.

Look at Analytics Post-Webinar

When the event is over, how do you determine its success? One way is to look at your post-event analytics. You will be able to see who came, how many people viewed the entire event, and how many people watched the event after it was over from link shares. Gauge who your audience was and which channels brought in the most people. Using data about your webinar can help you tweak your strategies for your next webinar so you can ensure it's a success.

Many video platforms offer different levels of insight via analytics, depending on your payment tier, so make sure you choose the right platform and level for you. For example, Viostream offers robust analytics that give you a huge amount of insight into who attended your webinar—including where they visited from; how long they watched; if they engaged with any linked content; and more.

Want to Host a Webinar That Rocks? Here's How Viostream Can Help

If you want to host a webinar that helps increase your reputation as a trustworthy and knowledgeable resource in your field and convinces more people to buy from your brand, consider Viostream as your video solution. A leading video platform for enterprises and government organizations, Viostream has live-streaming capabilities that are easy to use and can help you broadcast your event anywhere around the globe. Use the platform to attract a live audience, or share your webinar as a recorded video that people can watch anytime, especially if they can't participate in real-time.

Video helps you connect with a wide audience or build stronger connections with your current client base and experience firsthand its power as a tool for establishing your organization as a leading expert in your industry. If you want to see how Viostream can help you harness the power of a great webinar. Start your free trial today and discover your video possibilities.

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