How to Integrate Video Into Your Onboarding Process

How to Integrate Video Into Your Onboarding Process

Onboarding is a stressful time for HR departments. Relaying a company's culture, values, mission statement and organizational structure through ordinary communication methods is a complicated endeavor. Sometimes, video is a much more effective way for employers to get their message across.

And it's a two-way street. Eighty percent of respondents in a recent study thought that videos make the onboarding process easier for employees too. That's because new hires respond well to information when it's presented in a visual format. So why not create an employee onboarding video of your own? Broadcast it to new hires when they join your organization and you'll improve learning and development outcomes.

In this tutorial, discover how to incorporate video into your onboarding process and why Viostream is the No.1 solution for customizing content and sharing your videos with new hires.

Table of Contents

  1. Create Your Video
  2. Decide When to Broadcast Your Video
  3. Host a Live Streaming Event to Support Your Video
  4. How Viostream Helps

1) Create Your Video

You can create your onboarding video using just a few pieces of equipment:

  • A microphone
  • A camera
  • A video encoder

Choose the right person to host your video. You could feature your CEO, somebody else from the C-suite, a manager, a supervisor, a Human Resources representative, or a different person entirely.

Next, select a location to record your content. The CEO's office, a boardroom, the Human Resources Department or open office space all make good filming locations.

While creating a full script for the video is advisable, it's not strictly necessary. However, you will need to at least provide a list of topics for the host to cover. Here are a few recommendations to get you started:

  • Company structure and information about key members of the team.
  • Company history.
  • Company values, mission statement and culture.
  • Organizational policies.
  • Information about benefits entitlement, health plans, retirement plans, PTO and federal/local legislation.

You may also choose to include segments that showcase your corporate culture, including staff profiles/interviews or a virtual walk-through of your physical workplace.

2) Decide When to Broadcast Your Video

For maximum engagement, invite new hires to watch your content online in the week before they start their new role. Employees who watch your video a few days before joining your team will learn about your company from the comfort of their own home. Alternatively, you could broadcast your video to all new hires at your physical location on their first day.

Pro-tip: If you have extensive onboarding processes, create a series of shorter videos and include these in a customized video gallery within Viostream. You can keep all your onboarding content in one place and educate new hires about your company policies and protocols. With video on demand, viewers can watch these videos when it fits into their schedule.

3) Host a Live Streaming Event to Support Your Video

Livestreaming is an effective way to engage with new hires. You can host a livestream session for employees who watched your onboarding video and give them an opportunity to get their questions answered.

Schedule your livestream for the day after new hires watch your video and send them an invitation to the event via email. Your stream will allow you to:

  • Welcome new hires to your organization again.
  • Ask new hires to introduce themselves.
  • Encourage new hires to communicate with other members of the team.
  • Clear up any confusion about benefits entitlement, health plans, company policies or organizational culture.

How Viostream Helps

Viostream makes it easier to integrate an employee onboarding video into your recruitment process. Viostream lets you:

  • Create a custom video site where you post and share your onboarding video and other learning and developmental content easily.
  • Optimise these sites for mobile viewing.
  • Livestream an event to support your video.
  • Securely upload your video to the cloud

Viostream has many other features for your onboarding video that you won't find if you share content on free platforms like YouTube. These features include:

  • A wide range of easy-to-use templates.
  • Interactive transcripts and world-class closed captioning so more new hires can view your video. Using these features improves compliance with accessibility-related legislation and frameworks.
  • Security features that enhance compliance in your organization.
  • The best video playback technology in the world, including 4K and HTML5.
  • Real-time analytics so you can discover how new hires engage with your video. Use this data to create even more effective onboarding content in the future.

Viostream streamlines video on demand, livestreaming and asynchronous communication for businesses and governments that want to improve onboarding processes and other HR-related tasks. For nearly 20 years, this all-in-one communication solution for employers has been optimizing recruitment processes via the unmistakable power of video.

In Conclusion

Onboarding can be a long and laborious process for businesses and governments. Creating an onboarding video is an effective way to communicate company objectives, policies, organizational changes and other critical information to employees in the shortest possible time.

When adding an employee onboarding video to your recruitment workflows, consider Viostream for all your VOD and livestreaming needs. This robust video management solution keeps your onboarding video content in one place, giving you easy access to it no matter where you are in the onboarding process.

Ready to get started? Contact our customer support team to learn more about how Viostream's professional video hosting platform can help improve your business communications today.

Stuart Auld
Stuart Auld
Stuart Auld (Head of Infrastructure) is a multi-disciplinary engineer with broad-ranging experience at executive level delivering operational best practice across customer engagement, technology, change management and process improvement.
Table of contents
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