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May 9, 2022

How Video Streamlines the Onboarding Process

Onboarding is a stressful time for HR departments. In addition to their regular daily tasks, they must be able to effectively relay your company's culture, values, mission statement, and organizational structure to new employees. If their only resource is written communications, this can be extremely difficult. And if your company goes through a hiring boom with multiple new employees coming on over the course of a few weeks or months, you may be at risk for an overwhelmed HR team.

Video is a much more efficient way to get your message across with consistency. By implementing a virtual onboarding experience, you can make new team members feel confident and like they're part of the fold. Furthermore, a recent study of new employees showed that 80% of respondents thought that videos make the onboarding process easier for employees too.

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Read on to discover how to incorporate video into your onboarding process and make it one of your virtual onboarding tools.

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Video Allows You To Create One Onboarding Tool (To Be Used Repeatedly)

Video is one of the most powerful virtual onboarding tools available for businesses today. Creating an onboarding video helps streamline the onboarding process because you can simply create one of them—then ensure each person who is onboarded into your company goes through the same process as they learn. Using the same video tool over and over makes sure everyone onboarded has the same knowledge and has undergone the same experience, which is nearly impossible to provide if you have employees go through onboarding in-person with a live guide.  Also, an onboarding video saves you money because you just have to make the investment one time to have it produced—then it's a free tool to reuse repeatedly.

How To Ensure Your One Onboarding Video Is Good Enough for All New Team Members

Here's what to keep in mind if you want one onboarding video that works and that you could use again and again.

  • The right content: Ensure that the video accurately conveys the tone and aesthetic of your company culture.  You may also choose to include segments that showcase your corporate culture, including staff profiles/interviews or a virtual walk-through of your physical workplace.  A list of topics the video should also cover includes:
  • Company structure and information about key members of the team.
  • Company history.
  • Company values, mission statement, and culture.
  • Organizational policies.
  • Information about benefits entitlement, health plans, retirement plans, PTO, and federal/local legislation.
  • The perfect host: Choose the right person to host your video. You could feature your CEO, somebody else from the C-suite, a manager, a supervisor, a Human Resources representative, or a different person entirely.

If you want to create one onboarding video that will last you years, Viostream can be essential to this process. You can upload your onboarding video to the platform and share it with others at your organization who can watch it and give feedback. Viostream provides an easily accessible cloud-based video library that can be used by anyone with an Internet connection. See how it works today and start your free trial.

Video Helps You Set Up New Hires for Success Before they Arrive

If you use video for onboarding, you can ensure that everyone has access to the video before they arrive, so all new hires can come into the company on the same footing. For maximum engagement, invite new hires to watch your content online in the week before they start their new role. Employees who watch your video a few days before joining your team will learn about your company from the comfort of their own homes. This will really allow them to internalize the information and feel prepared when they Get there Alternatively, you could broadcast your video to all new hires at your physical location on their first day.

If you have extensive onboarding processes, create a series of shorter videos as virtual onboarding tools and include these in a customized video gallery within Viostream. You can keep all your onboarding content in one place and educate new hires about your company policies and protocols. With video on demand, viewers can watch these videos when it fits into their schedule.

Video Means You Can Host a Live Streaming Onboarding Event

An alternative to a recorded onboarding video is having a group of new hires attend a live video broadcast of an onboarding event in-office. Have a group "attend" the live onboarding event via user onboarding software or a video platform. That way, all attendees have had the same onboarding experience. Live streaming is an effective way to engage with new hires—just as it's an effective way to communicate with your existing team. Download our FREE ebook Live Streaming Guide to learn more about how it can work as a valuable tool for your organization.

To make sure your live onboarding video works, you should make sure the event you are streaming:

  • Welcome new hires to your organization again.
  • Ask new hires to introduce themselves.
  • Encourage new hires to communicate with other members of the team.
  • Clear up any confusion about benefits entitlement, health plans, company policies, or organizational culture.

Why choose Viostream for live streaming during video onboarding? It's easy to use, and accessible to anyone who has an Internet connection.  To try out a live stream from Viostream before you commit to using it for your all of onboarding videos, start your free trial today. For 14 days, you can see all of the incredible enterprise features that the platform offers without paying a cent.

Additional Benefits Associated With Using Virtual Onboarding Tools Like Video

Employee onboarding videos in your recruitment process can be extremely helpful. However, there are other benefits to using virtual onboarding tools in the process of welcoming new team members.

Virtual onboarding tools allow you to:

  • Let team members go through onboarding in the comfort of their own homes, so they can feel safe while getting acquainted with your company's culture.
  • Provide the option for your new employee to complete their onboarding before their start date, allowing them to jump right in rather than spend their first days isolated from the rest of their team as they complete their introductory work.
  • Build an international team of employees that feels bonded, even if they never live or work in the same physical location.
  • Boost employee morale from the get-go, since they already feel loyal to the team, which means they will be more productive, more invested, and less likely to be dissatisfied or leave their position quickly.

Why Choose Viostream To Help With Video Onboarding?

Viostream provides user onboarding software by serving as a platform for onboarding videos. It can be one platform among several that provides virtual onboarding tools for your team.

Viostream has many other features in addition to being your onboarding video solution, including offering companies a brand video library that exists in the cloud (so anyone at the company can access onboarding videos anytime, as long as they're connected to the web). The platform also is set up to be a perfect platform for remote or virtual training for employees. It also allows for the collection of a huge number of data points, so you can use analytics to understand who at your company is watching your onboarding videos, for how long, and if you might need to improve those videos so they're more thoroughly watched and better appreciated as a welcome to the company.

Ready to see how virtual onboarding tools from Viostream work for your company? Start your free Viostream trial today. You can see how all these features and more work in real-time.

Stuart Auld
Stuart Auld (Head of Infrastructure) is a multi-disciplinary engineer with broad-ranging experience at executive level delivering operational best practice across customer engagement, technology, change management and process improvement.
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