Interactive Staff Training Ideas

Interactive Staff Training Ideas

Training your staff well is key to having a business that grows and thrives. After all, your employees make your company what it is. Without their commitment and contribution, your company could not function. So, you want to ensure that your team is not only well-informed about the systems and way things work at your organization, but also that they feel a part of the culture and that they're committed to helping your company reach its goals and fulfill its mission. Staff training is a powerful way to make sure everyone feels like a part of a strong, bonded, cohesive group.

One way to ensure your employees are committed to your company is improving your training process so that it helps everyone get on board with what your organization is doing. To get started, check out the staff training ideas below. These suggestions for more interactive staff training ideas can ensure your employees, through training, go on to function as valuable, devoted, and happy team members working to make your business grow.

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Gamify Training

When utilizing staff training ideas, you don't want employees to feel like they've been sent back to school. Instead, make the process interactive and engaging by gamifying the process. Gamification — which simply means to structure the training similar to a game with different levels, missions to complete, team challenges, and so on — has been shown to be a great way to get people engaged with the material, helping them to better internalize the lessons.

You can gamify staff training ideas by having lessons that team members need to get to and finish. As they complete each level, they gather points. Points can add up, and once they reach a certain level, they can receive a reward, such as a gift card from a local restaurant, a prized parking spot at work, or even an extra vacation day. Gamifying has long been a great motivational tool for learning, so it's a good way to make employee training interactive as well as effective.

Use Videos

One of the best staff training ideas is using video for training. When training individual employees, consider creating and using training videos. Videos allow learners to get a sense of the trainer's personality, and this can help create a bond between employees and their managers. Videos have also been shown to help boost retention and better hold people's attention. For even more interactive learning staff training ideas, consider using clickable videos that ask quick questions, or insert poll questions during the videos. Alternatively, create videos with chapters and sections that can be paused and revisited. Employees can engage with the video, move throughout the material, then rewatch parts as necessary. The more clickable a video is, the more likely an employee-in-training is to engage with it.

Ask Your Team Members

Staff training ideas can vary. Sometimes training is going to be about bringing in new employees. Sometimes, it's going to be about teaching new processes and systems. But, sometimes, to make staff training ideas feel interactive, you should ask your employees what they want or need to be trained in. Are there certain areas of the business that they feel unsure about? Are they interested or passionate about a certain aspect and would like training that focuses on that? Ask team members for feedback about training, and use it as a development opportunity for your team members. A recent study showed that 91% of all employees want their training to be personalized and relevant, and asking them what they want to be trained in is a good way to ensure you're meeting their needs and their desires.

Have Staff Training Ideas? Here's How Viostream Can Help

If you have ideas about how you can train your employees to start work at your company or get on board with your mission, including making employee training videos, and you're ready to implement them, consider turning to Viostream for help.

Viostream is the world's leading enterprise video platform that helps businesses use video to increase productivity, grow customer bases, and build stronger teams. Viostream allows you to set up a cloud-based learning management system that your employees can access anywhere there is an Internet connection. It also allows you to create a cloud-based library of branded videos from your company that can be watched again and again, so employees can revisit training videos or you can rewatch recordings of training events to see what went well and what could be improved.

If you think Viostream might be the right tool to help your business take advantage of better staff training ideas, reach out to us today. You can take advantage of our free trial to see if it's the right tool for your organization and learn more about how videos might be a solution for your corporate communications in the years to come.

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