How to Make Employment Training Videos--and Why You Should

How to Make Employment Training Videos--and Why You Should

Workplace instructional videos are an invaluable resource for training and onboarding employees. The visual content of an employment training video improves engagement, interactivity, and asynchronous communication in your organization. Research shows that seven days after training, the average employee forgets 65 percent of information learned, but retention levels increase to 65 percent when visuals combine with the same information.

Here are the benefits of using training videos in your organization and creating this type of content with the proper digital tools.

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  1. Benefits of Employee Training Videos
  2. How to Create Employee Training Videos
  3. How Viostream Can Help
  4. In Conclusion

Benefits of Employee Training Videos

Save Money

Training videos can be a cost-effective way to save money on training and onboarding employees in your organization in Australia. One study suggests that 85 percent of every dollar spent on training goes toward delivering that training (paying for instructor costs, travel expenses, and other charges.) Once you have invested in training videos, you can play them again and again with no additional financial outlay.

Remote Team-Friendly

Training videos can be an effective method for training and onboarding employees at home. Employees can watch these videos at home, which frees up space in your workplace and, in a public health emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic, encourages social distancing. Employment training videos are an effective option for workers both at home and in the office.

Ease of Sharing Information

With employment videos, you can share business-critical information quickly. If employees can't attend an in-person training session, they can still receive information via one of these videos. You can also share training content with employees worldwide, reducing the need for them to be at your physical location.

Improve Internal Communications

Conventional in-office training is still effective, but learning objectives can suffer when participants ask too many questions or instructors deviate from the primary topic. With employment videos, you can pre-record the most critical information and deliver it to employees on-demand, which improves internal communications considerably.

Adopt a Multi-Sensory Approach to Learning

Research shows video content fosters a multi-sensory learning approach that involves text, images, and sound. This approach stimulates multiple senses and improves cognitive connections among learners, helping them understand complicated concepts better.

How to Create Employee Training Videos

1) Choose a Topic for Your Video

Before you start rolling, you need to come up with a creative topic for your employee video. It all depends on your learning objectives. Perhaps you want to promote better health and safety outcomes in your office. Or encourage your sales team to learn new selling skills.

2) Select a Video Format

There are various formats for your employee videos. The most suitable one engages your audience and promotes learning outcomes. Here are some popular video formats used by organizations here in Australia:

  • Tutorials
  • How-to guides
  • Animated videos
  • Roleplay videos
  • Discussion videos
  • Seminars

While you don't need an expensive studio set-up for any of these videos — you can record content in your office or at an outside location — you should create a script or outline for your video to make sure you achieve your training objectives.

3) Use the Right Equipment

You need little equipment to create a video for employee training. Here are the basics:

  • A good-quality camera for filming the instructor
  • A microphone so you can include audio in your video
  • A video encoding tool that takes your video and audio and converts it into the right format so you can broadcast the content online
  • An online video streaming platform that lets you share your video with employees

Choosing a camera and microphone is the easy part. There are loads of makes and models on the market, and you should be able to find good-quality equipment for less than AU$200 online. Discovering a video encoder and a streaming platform is a little harder because there are so many different tools. You need tech that provides you with adequate security and media management features for engagement, interactivity, and asynchronous communication. This is where Viostream steps in.

How Viostream Can Help

Viostream is a video platform solution that helps you create and share employee training videos of various formats. You can also create live videos and embed this content into your website or blog. Here are some features you can expect from Viostream:

  • Enhanced security tools that keep your employee training information safe
  • Advanced analytics that let you discover how employees engage with your content.
  • Branded video galleries so you can keep your personalized videos in one place
  • HTML5 playback, 4K support, and global CDN delivery
  • Employees can access training videos across multiple devices
  • Accessibility features
  • Downloadable content, interactive transcripts, and calls-to-action
  • Other video management features you won't find on free services like YouTube and Dailymotion

In Conclusion

Employee training videos are a sure-fire way to improve learning engagement, collaboration, and asynchronous communication. Various studies prove the value of this visual content for information retention, making training videos a valuable resource for your Australian organization. Using an online video platform like Viostream takes your videos to the next level with advanced security, analytics, and media management features that encourage deep learning wherever your employees are in the world.  

Viostream is your go-to video platform for employment training videos with a broad range of video-on-demand and live streaming features for organizations of all types. Contact our customer support team to learn more about how Viostream's professional video hosting platform can help improve your business communications today.

Brendan Sas
Brendan Sas
Customer Success
Brendan Sas is a digital designer and creator based in Sydney, Australia.
Table of contents
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