Reviewing 3 YouTube Alternatives: Kaltura vs. Brightcove vs. Viostream

Reviewing 3 YouTube Alternatives: Kaltura vs. Brightcove vs. Viostream

The differences between Kaltura vs. Brightcove vs. Viostream:

  1. Cost Transparency: Viostream has a transparent pricing structure with three flexible subscription plans. Prices start from just $575 UDS a month, charged annually. Kaltura and Brightcove don't publish prices online, making it hard to compare these online video platforms with Viostream. 
  2. Target Audience: Kaltura primarily targets corporations and academic institutions, while Brightcove mainly caters to larger businesses. Viostream is an enterprise-grade video platform used by governments and businesses of all sizes.
  3. Features: Kaltura and Brightcove let users pick features based on their requirements. Viostream has various "out-of-the-box" features that might make it easier to incorporate the platform into your organization while still offering customized options based on specific video management objectives.
  4. Usability: All three platforms require no code. However, users might find Kaltura more difficult to use than Brightcove and Viostream.
  5. Branded Video Galleries: Viostream has a unique video gallery feature that allows users to customize branded content and create private portals for video sharing.

Eighty-six per cent of businesses use video as a marketing tool. However, many organizations struggle to manage and share video content or embed videos into their website and other communication outlets. Online video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo might prove valuable for hosting videos, but they lack collaborative and content delivery features that modern organizations need as part of a comprehensive marketing and online communication strategy. Download our FREE ebook The Ultimate Video Platform Buying Guide to use as a your video platform checklist as you continue to read this blog.

Here's a review of three YouTube alternatives--Brightcove, Kaltura, and Viostream--that compares costs, features, integrations and more. 

Kaltura vs. Brightcove vs. Viostream Overview

About Kaltura

Kaltura is an online video platform for businesses and learning providers that want to edit, share and manage videos in one place.

The video tool offers:

  • More advanced security
  • Analytics
  • More integrations than YouTube
  • Customizable video creation
  • Management features available for organizations of all sizes.

Kaltura offers customizable subscription packages where users pick the features they require. While this approach offers plenty of scope for organizations, some users might find Kaltura more difficult to implement than an "out-of-the-box" solution.  

Some of the most popular features include video messaging, virtual town halls, video editing, analytics and virtual classrooms. 

About Brightcove

Brightcove is a cloud-based video management platform that offers more security and analytics features than YouTube.

Brightcove offers:

  • Content management
  • Encoding
  • Live streaming
  • Drag-and-drop playlists
  • Batch editing and other valuable features

This YouTube alternative serves Australian organizations that require reliable video management solutions for engagement, communication and collaboration. 

About Viostream

Viostream is a Sydney-based video production and distribution platform that targets governments and businesses in various industries. As an enterprise-grade video platform, Viostream gives organizations more flexibility and freedom than YouTube, with video collaboration, analytics and security features that have served customers since 2002--longer than both Kaltura and Brightcove.

Platform features include:

  • Filter lists
  • Video scheduling
  • Tags
  • Social syndication
  • Embedding (including email embedding)
  • Calls-to-action and push-button app publishing.

Customers can also benefit from unlimited players, unlimited users, and branded video galleries. Viostream remains the top video platform for businesses and governments.

Kaltura vs. Brightcove vs. Viostream: Features

Trial Length

Kaltura: 30 Days

Brightcove: Unspecified

Viostream: 30 Days

Target Market

Kaltura: Business & Academia

Brightcove: Large Business

Viostream: Business & Government

Video Integration Connectors?

Kaltura: Yes, including Microsoft Azure and WordPress.

Brightcove: Yes, including Adobe and Sitecore.

Viostream: Yes, including Tableau, Silver Peak, Bridge, Looker, Fastly, Amazon CloudFront, 3Plays Media and Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

Embed Videos?

Kaltura: Yes

Brightcove: Yes

Viostream: Yes


Kaltura: Yes

Brightcove: Yes

Viostream: Yes

Security Features


  • Video encryption
  • GDPR compliance
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliance


  • Single sign-on
  • URL tokenization
  • IP restrictions
  • AES encryption


  • Domain whitelisting
  • IP restrictions
  • Single sign-on authentication
  • Geo-blocking
  • User roles
  • Sub-accounts
  • Password policies
  • ISO27001
  • Click here for the full list of security features.


Kaltura vs. Brightcove vs. Viostream Support and Training 


  • Support ticket system 
  • Webinars
  • Help guides


  • Training via Brightcove University
  • Documentation 
  • Phone, email and live chat support


  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • Various training guides

Kaltura vs. Brightcove vs. Viostream Pricing


  • Kaltura doesn't publish prices online. 
  • Users pick the features they require and create customized subscription plans. 


  • Brightcove doesn't publish prices online.
  • Two pricing plans available for organizations: Starter and Enterprise. 
  • Brightcove bases its pricing on the number of video plays organizations receive.


Why Choose Viostream

As a top online video platform for governments and businesses, Viostream offers users transparent pricing, branded video galleries, advanced security, and a wealth of video creation and management features you won't find on YouTube. When comparing Kaltura vs. Brightcove vs. Viostream, consider that the latter has served organizations for nearly 20 years and continues to revolutionize video communications for customers worldwide. 

Viostream is a powerful enterprise-grade video tool for organizations that want to transform their video creation and delivery objectives with on-demand and live streaming capabilities. Start your free trial today.

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