4 Tips for Recording a Remote Video

4 Tips for Recording a Remote Video

In recent years, video has exploded in popularity. As people social distance and are staying indoors, video has been a preferred way to communicate. But while some people are comfortable recording a remote video, others experience difficulty.

By understanding how to record your own video properly, you can start communicating better in just minutes. Here we discuss four tips and tricks for recording remote videos, including where you can find the best video hosting platform in the industry.

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Choose Good Lighting

Proper lighting is essential for a good photo, and videos are no different. If you decide to record a remote video with barely any light, chances are you won’t be very successful. For the best quality, never record in a dim room. Additionally, you never want a bright light behind you, and you shouldn’t sit below an overhead lighting source.

Instead, focus on using indirect light that isn’t overly bright. This could come from a lamp placed behind your laptop or light shining through a window in front of you. However, make sure the sun isn’t blinding you in the face—indirect light off to the side can also work perfectly.

Finding the perfect lighting setting can really do wonders for recording a remote video. Whether you’re doing a job interview or sitting in a meeting, the proper lighting can really impress your viewers. It can also make you appear more organized and professional.

While it’s vital to record high-quality video, you also need the right management system to store, share, and manage these works of art. At Viostream, our users utilize our platform to bring their videos to life. We allow you to create interactive videos, generate more leads through video, and even track your progress with our analytics tools. Learn more about our product today.

Find the Right Location

While lighting is critical when crafting the perfect remote video, your location is also crucial. Not only can the location impact your connection speed, but it also sets the background. Before recording your remote video, you’ll want to test it in several locations.

First things first, find a quiet room to do your video recording. While you’re talking on video, hearing background noise can be very annoying for viewers. That said, if possible, try to keep your kids and pets in another room. Also, make sure the door is closed.

The background of your video scene is also important. While this depends on the type of video you’re recording, it’s usually best not to show a messy room behind you. Also, never leave a TV on or show people walking by. Not only is this a distraction, but it can also look unprofessional. Some great background scenes include a window with a nice view, a beautiful art piece, or even a plain wall.

By making sure there’s a strong Wi-Fi signal, a professional background, and no background noise, you’ll be ready to record an exceptional remote video.

Frame the Shot

After choosing the perfect location with top-quality lighting, the next step is to frame the picture. After all, you don’t want the video only recording your forehead or left shoulder. That said, there are some adjustments you’ll need to make before pressing the record button.

By framing your video properly, the image will appear more professional while keeping the attention on you. The right frame makes the video look clean and well-organized.

To frame a remote video like an expert, try to make your webcam at eye level or a little higher. This perspective is more comfortable for the viewer. Can’t find the right height? If so, try stacking a few books under your monitor or laptop.

Another key tip is to check the space around your head in the frame. Does your head appear too large or too small? If so, make the necessary adjustments. While you certainly want your head in the shot, you don’t want it taking up the entire screen.

After making your incredible videos, storing and saving them for later is also essential. This is where Viostream can help. We’re a safe, cloud-based video sourcing platform that can take your business to new heights. Viostream allows you to create live or on-demand videos and then easily manage and track them. Check out our flexible packages to learn more.

Get Ready for Action

As you’re getting everything in order, it’s smart to have a review session before pressing the record button. Many video makers will have a checklist they run through beforehand. Since there can be a lot to remember, this is a great way not to overlook something important.

Once the perfect scene is set, check your outfit. Experts recommend dressing how you would in person. For example, if you’re a professor recording video for your class, wear what you would in a typical classroom.

Before making the recording or starting a live session, some people do a quick test run to ensure they’re well-prepared. Go ahead and record a one-minute test video and look it over. How's the audio volume and clarity? How does the frame look? Are the audio and video clear and high-quality? These are some questions to ask yourself before the video begins.

Why Use Viostream for Remote Video

Now that you understand some useful tips for recording a remote video, it’s time to put these suggestions to the test. But to truly maximize your video management process, choose a provider like Viostream. We can help you record secure videos, store them in custom libraries, track their effectiveness, and much more.

Contact Viostream today to power your video creation efforts and learn about our free trial.

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