The Role of Video Analytics in Your Business Intelligence

The Role of Video Analytics in Your Business Intelligence

Companies pour countless resources into the production of video content. When done right, this content can help build your brand's reputation while engaging your audience. So why let it go to waste? Video analytics are so often overlooked, underestimated, and left out of the bigger picture.

Simply publishing amazing video content isn't enough. In order to make your video content work for your business, you have to measure the right metrics and use them to your advantage. Here's a closer look at the metrics you should be tracking and why you should be bringing your analytics into your business intelligence (BI) tool.

Why Are Video Analytics Important?

Video analytics tell you how interested and engaged your audience is in a particular topic or format. Using video analytics, you can begin creating content that consistently gets watched, shared, and remembered, while driving conversions and loyalty for your company. These same metrics will help you grow your reach and reputation.

While you may be looking at your video analytics and considering these things, many companies have yet to take the next step of integrating video analytics with their BI tool. For those ready to start getting more out of their video analytics, Viostream makes it easy to bring all of your video data into Tableau, Power BI, or your favorite BI tool.

Track The Metrics That Matter

If you're simply looking at video analytics like view count, you're under-utilizing this powerful insight. Here are the metrics that you should be looking at:

  • Overall View Count: Tracking how many views your videos get, especially over time, can help you determine if your titles and thumbnails are effective. It can also reveal the best time and day to release your videos for the most engagement at the time of release.
  • Attention Span Data: Data that reveals attention span, such as the average number of minutes watched for a given video, will help you identify points in your video where viewers routinely drop off, perhaps because the video is too long or the pace is too slow. This can inform changes to the length, timing, or structure of your video so you can hold viewers' attention more effectively.
  • Click-Through Rate: Metrics like the total number of clicks your videos receive will help you understand how interesting and relevant your title, call-to-action, and thumbnail are. A low CTR means you need to up your promotional game, because viewers aren't even giving your video a chance.
  • Lead Generation: Many people track the above metrics because the connection seems direct and obvious, but few are taking the time to see how many leads a video can generate or qualify. Viostream's in-depth analytics reveal this and more.
  • Video ROI: In addition to helping you see how videos impact lead generation and eventual conversion, Viostream also includes analytics that can reveal video ROI when combined with your other BI data.

Using Video Analytics in Business Intelligence

Using your existing BI tool, you can put Viostream's insight to work in all sorts of ways outside of video, helping to power conversions and build loyalty for your brand.

See How Videos Fit The Customer Journey

With a platform like Viostream, in-depth video analytics allow you to track a viewer from the moment they click Play through every minute of video they consume. This gives you the insight to understand who is engaging with your content and where that engagement is happening the most.

When you pull this information out of Viostream and plug it into your BI tool, you'll get to extrapolate all sorts of information--including how video plays a role in the customer journey and which videos, specifically, are fostering lead generation and sharing.

Visualize Your Data

One of the most powerful aspects of a business intelligence tool is that it helps you take away the complex numbers and turn them into visual insights that are easy to process at-a-glance. Viostream gives you a wealth of information, like interactive heat maps, viewing patterns, and the ability to sort by time, location, and device. By bringing this information into your BI tool, you can easily visualize these massive stores of data, connect them together, and understand your audience in greater detail.

Improve Your Content Marketing

Viostream's analytics can reveal the best performing videos on your platform, showing video engagement metrics that help you dig deeper into the what, why, and how your future videos should work to replicate that success. This enables you to learn from the content you already have to create an even better user experience in the future--not just in your video content, but all content you produce.

By combining this data with information from your other platforms (i.e., your website and social channels) in your BI tool, you'll get a big picture understanding of the type of content your users interact with the most, helping guide future creations.

How Viostream Can Help

Viostream is proud to offer amazing analytics that can reveal where viewers drop off, which videos they always tune into, and the time of day, device, and location that leads to the most interaction with your content.

But Viostream can do far more than that. Aside from helping you understand and utilize your video analytics within your BI tool, Viostream also offers robust features to help you get more out of your video content. With dedicated video portals, live streaming software, highly accessible design, and advanced security, Viostream is your best partner when it comes to bringing video content to the masses. Contact our support team to discuss your needs.

Evan Parker
Evan Parker
Chief Executive Officer
Evan is the Chief Executive Officer, with over 15 years of leadership experience across technology, management consulting & military service.
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