How to Transition to a New Video Content Management System

How to Transition to a New Video Content Management System

When it comes to the video content on your company's servers, does any of the following apply to you?

  • Video as an organization asset has became decentralized. Across the organization, you might have 10 or 20 (or more) separate teams or departments “doing their own thing” with video. Perhaps different functions or even different companies within your organization all use video in different ways.
  • There is no central control point for managing all video assets. Every unit within your organization has different logins. The work happens in silos, and you have no visibility into video activities in the different units.
  • Branding issues are a nightmare. You don’t know the quality of the content, and whether or not the videos conform to style guidelines. There’s no way to see everything and make sure the organization is being represented in a professional way.
  • You have no way to monitor and improve video performance. That analytics data resides in the dashboards of multiple video platforms in multiple locations. 
  • It’s impossible to conduct campaigns with your video assets. Instead, a “bunch of people” are doing all sorts of random video activities. You don’t know what’s working or even IF anything is working. 
  • You cannot introduce and enforce video best practices. You may know how to get best results from video assets. But, with decentralized video production, that expertise is lost to the organization. There’s no way to uniformly push best practices out into the organization.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve lost control of your video assets. However, it is possible regain control. It may sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  If your organization is having these issues, it’s time to consider a new Video Content Management System, also know as a Video CMS.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Video Content Management System?
  2. Ease the Video CMS Transition with Viostream
  3. Want to Learn More About Video CMS?

What Is A Video Content Management System?

A video content management system (Video CMS) is a software application used to organize, store, secure, and manage online video content. It is a platform from which your organization can control and present all video content.

Ease the VMS Transition with Viostream

Your biggest concern in changing platforms is that it will be disruptive. We do everything we can to make sure your move is easy, and that your new library organization adds considerable value. 

Dedicated Customer Service

We stand out in a time when most organizations are converting to Artificial Intelligence instead of people-powered service. Viostream uses a 4-stage approach to provide a seamless migration of your video platforms:

1) Audit and map all video assets.

We start with a comprehensive audit of all media assets in your current video platform. You give Viostream user access to your existing video platform, and our team goes to work for you. The Viosteam Success Team completes the audit, and provides you a detailed report. The report identifies where your current videos are distributed, and maps their new location in your Viostream CMS. This audit is used to guide the discussion for phases 2 and 3. Most of our customers take this process as an opportunity to remove old or outdated assets. It’s also a great time to identify videos that can be repurposed, updated, or redone.

2) Replicate your assets to the Viostream platform and develop a transition timeline.

Viostream completes the migration of all selected assets into your new Viostream platform. Yep, we do it for you at no additional cost. The team also works with you to identify what metadata can or should be included: video titles, descriptions, tags. I’ll repeat this again—at no additional cost. We’ve done this so many times, we’ve got it down to a science. 

3) Replace all embedded media (website videos, video portals, and internal intranets) in accordance with the transition timeline.

Viostream shows you where all existing media is embedded. We provide a simple guide that shows you how to replace each embed. You do this part yourself, but we make it as easy as we can for you.

4) Train and educate users on Viostream’s enhanced features and data reporting. 

Now you have a robust foundation for the collection of data. You’ve got the essential tools to execute intelligent video content strategies. We make sure you know how to get the best out of the platform. Viostream trains you and your team (at no additional charge) on video management and reporting best practices. Even more importantly, we make sure that you learn all Viostream’s critical functions on measuring video strategy performance.

Total Control Of All Your Video Assets

Once Viostream migration is complete, you have solved 99% your video problems. Here are the benefits you get:

  • Manage all video assets from a central control point. No more out-of-control silo-based video proliferation. You have the Big Picture of all video activity across the organization. In fact, you can control access two distinct methods: 1. traditional user roles such as admin, publisher, contributor & analyst, and 2. with user generated content pages where anyone upload video for review & approval.  
  • Easily maintain all video branding and style guidelines across the organization. You have the birds-eye view of all video content. No more worries about non-professional videos being put out under your brand. With central control, it’s a lot easier to manage and enforce brand and style.
  • You’re able  to monitor analytics data for all videos, and improve performance. Now you have access to analytics data from all organization-wide videos—in one location. No matter where in the world your videos originate, you can track performance and improve your results. 
  • It’s simple to conduct campaigns with your video assets. Now, all video across the organization can be coordinated into successful campaigns. You have real time information on what’s working, and can adjust the campaign details quickly. No more  random video activities!
  • You can introduce and enforce video best practices. Viostream puts you in the  position to uniformly push best practices out across the organization. No more frustration at viewing video assets that are ineffective or even a complete failure (like no CTA). You have a vehicle to distribute video expertise organization-wide. 

Want to Learn More About Video CMS?

Making a decision like this can be complicated and time-consuming. That's why we've developed the The Ultimate Video Content Management System (CMS) Buying Guide. It’s in a checklist format so you can use it to check features among the various competitors. This guide contains everything you need to know about Video CMS technology and why you need it in a quick-to-read format. You can also contact our customer support team to find out more about how Viostream's video CMS can change the way your company handles video for good.

Evan Parker
Evan Parker
Chief Executive Officer
Evan is the Chief Executive Officer, with over 15 years of leadership experience across technology, management consulting & military service.
Table of contents
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