Use Video Newsletter Templates for Better Communication

Use Video Newsletter Templates for Better Communication

Video is powerful in so many ways for businesses. You can use videos for marketing. You can educate current clients or customers on the usage of a product or service with instructional videos. You can train employees with video training systems, or you can use them for purely entertainment purposes.

One way you can get the word out about new video content is by sending it to your email newsletter list—and to do that fast and efficiently, you can use video newsletter templates.

Video newsletter templates are pre-designed email templates that allow you to plug in your information and video, then send the email off to your list. Designing an email from scratch with video content in it every time you want to send a newsletter can be be challenging. Whether you design a video newsletter template for repeated use or find a template to use online, you can ensure the email will look good when it arrives in someone's inbox.

Video Newsletters: The Basics

A video newsletter is an announcement of new company information that is sent to your list of clients or stakeholders. With a video newsletter rather than a written newsletter, you can infuse more personality into your announcements, and you can generate more excitement about your news since videos with narratives have been shown to help spur emotion and persuade people. Also, videos are a great way to get your company's voice across and to humanize your company to recipients. You want to hammer home your brand in their mind and make your organization's presence unforgettable.

When it comes to organizing, storing, and managing your video content, Viostream offers a host of features geared specifically for business. Simply upload your videos to Viostream's portal and use the universal URL to add those videos to your newsletter, social media, and more. Start your free trial and test drive Viostream for 14 days.

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Video Newsletter Templates: What You Should Know

If you want to send out video newsletters, the best way for your company to do that is by using video newsletter templates. These templates save a lot of time because you don't have to worry about designing from scratch every time a newsletter goes out. You can design a template for each kind of newsletter once, then drop in your new content whenever you prepare to send a newsletter. Alternatively, you can find pre-made templates that exist online, saving additional time.

Here are some tips when it comes to choosing or creating your own video newsletter template:

  • Keep it simple. Newsletters with multiple columns or too many buttons can suffer from formatting issues once they make it to the customers inbox. Make sure whatever design you go with is  professional, impressive, and clean.
  • Create mulitple video newsletter templates for difference purposes. For example, your newsletter template for your client list might look different than your internal newsletter.
  • Use video newsletter templates for emails to stakeholders. Make sure these templates are extremely professional and have room for lots of information, but the simplicity still applies--stakeholders are busy people, so focusing on a single important message is reccomended.

How Viostream Can Help With Video Newsletter Templates

When you have a solid list of leads to send a newsletter to, and you want to send video content efficiently and effectively, consider using video newsletter templates. Templates allow you to simply drop or fill in the information you have. Customizing a template is a faster process than creating an email from scratch, and they allow you to ensure that the design and layout look clean and professional.

Once you've found the video newsletter templates you want, you can share your video content easily when you use a video management platform like Viostream. Viostream is one of the world's leading video platforms for enterprises. It offers you a cloud-based space to store and organize your video content. Furthermore, you can customize your video player with your company colors to add an extra level of professionalism to your newsletters. Videos can also be powerful for marketing or for educational purposes. For anyone offering video content of value, using Viostream ensures your audience knows it's you behind that content.

If you want to see if Viostream's features are right for your company, start your free trial today. You can get a taste of the full functionality the platform has to offer and start seeing for yourself how using video can pay off for your business.

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