Harness the Power of Video With a Video Strategy Template

Harness the Power of Video With a Video Strategy Template

There's no doubt about it: If you are creating content for your company today, you should be including videos in that content. Videos are powerful because they allow you to harness the power of narrative and entertain people while you instruct teach them. They also help you demonstrate your brand's voice, increase brand awareness, and better train your employees so they are empowered to do their best work.

While using video to improve many facets of your business is powerful, it is important to use video intentionally. In fact, video must be used with a strategy to ensure you are using it effectively and appropriately, with the right cadence and timing, directed to the right audience. To do that, you should have a well-laid out, documented video strategy. If you're not sure how to do that, look for a video strategy template.

Here's what you should know about video strategy templates and how they can be an invaluable tool for any business looking to use the power of video and the web to grow.

What Is a Video Strategy Template?

A video strategy template is a guiding document that outlines all the ways you will utilize video in your business, such as to reach potential customers, sell to leads, or educate your team. When you have a video strategy template, you can see a basic outline for when to shoot and upload videos, ideas for how and when to share videos with the public, and more.

A video strategy template should be created by a person or organization who has already mastered the art of using video to improve business. Once they've honed a tried-and-true strategy, laid it out in writing, and santized it for generic use, only then will you have a video strategy template that can be helpful for you. Simply plug in your organization's goals, content, and priorities, and you will be on your way.

Viostream is also a tool that can be used in tandem with any video strategy template to help you execute that video strategy well. Check out Viostream's free trial today to see how it can help you start harnessing the power of video.

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The Basic Elements of a Video Strategy Template

To use a video strategy template for your business, start by looking for one online to employ as a guide. If you create your own video strategy template, you can refine and update the information on it as time passes.

Whatever way you acquire your video strategy template, you should ensure it has the following information on it:


Before you start planning how many videos you'll roll out in the year, make sure you know how much of your budget (or each department's budget) can be allocated to video. Video can be expensive to shoot and edit, so you want to make sure you can cover costs for all the content you want to make.

Video Types

There are so many types of videos your company can use, even in your marketing plan alone, that it would not be efficient to try and tackle them all. Lay out what types of videos work best at your organization and which you'll need to focus on creating. Maybe you sell a product and need to create a product video to showcase it. Alternatively, maybe you serve clients in some capacity and need to demonstrate your expertise. In this case, a "how-to" video would help sell your company as a valuable thought leader. Any good video strategy template defines what video types your company will use.

For most businesses, commercial platforms like YouTube don't offer enough security or control over their video content. That's why more companies trust professional hosting platforms like Viostream, where you can upload and share your videos from one secure online location that you control completely. Start your free Viostream trial today and try the platform for 14 days to see what a difference a professional video host can make in your video communication strategy.

Video Shoot and Editing Schedules

The plan for your video shoots and editing should be on a video strategy template, including where the video will be shot, who will be in it, and when the final product will be completed.

Video Sharing Outlets

How will you share your videos once you've made them? And who needs to see them? Is it a marketing video meant for the general public, or is it content that should only be viewed by company stakeholders? Make sure you know in advance how you'll roll your video out so you can be sure all your content gets seen by the people it was made for.

Getting the Most of Your Video Strategy Template

Once you've found an appropriate video strategy template, plug in the information that is relevant to and helpful for your business. After you've customized your plan, you can start storing, organizing, and managing all your company's videos with Viostream. Viostream is one of the world's best video platforms for enterprises. With Viostream, you can store your videos, send and share them with people, play them in a branded player, layer them into a learning management system, and more.

Ready to see if Viostream is the right video hosting solution for your business? Start your free trial today. You can see how all of the features help you better take advantage of the power of video and watch as your video strategy unfolds to help improve your business.

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