Why You Should Use a Virtual Event Template for Your Next Event

Why You Should Use a Virtual Event Template for Your Next Event

Even though more in-person events will take place in 2022 than the previous two years, virtual events will continue to be incredibly popular. Many companies plan to host digital or hybrid events into 2023 and beyond because these events are convenient, engage with audiences, and typically cost less than in-person conferences. If you are planning a virtual event this year, the right preparation will ensure your event will be a successful one. That's where a virtual event template comes in. Various websites offer these templates so you can assign tasks to team members, monitor event planning milestones, and create a roadmap for your event so you can achieve your desired outcomes.

Here are some of the benefits of using a virtual event template alongside a live video streaming platform that broadcasts your upcoming event.

Assign Tasks to Members of Your Team

With a virtual event template, you can assign tasks to members of your event planning team. For example, you can delegate responsibilities for fulfilling important tasks such as booking guest speakers, sending out event invites, and promoting your event across the internet. As a result, you can improve collaboration between team members and better visualize your upcoming event. You can also use your virtual event template to delegate tasks associated with choosing the right video platform for your live stream. This is one of the most important tasks in the entire event planning process because the video platform you end up using will make or break the success of your live event.

Viostream is an enterprise-level video platform that provides you with all the tools you need to host your next event. You can embed your live streams on web and social media pages, brand your live video player with your company colors, add a logo and your business name to your stream, and create video portals that contain your pre-recorded content. Learn more about Viostream's live video management features here or start your free trial and test drive Viostream for 14 days.

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Monitor Event Planning Milestones

Use your virtual event template to track event planning milestones such as deadlines for marketing, booking guest speakers and opening and closing guest registrations for your event. You should list key dates in your template so every member of your event planning team knows to complete specific tasks by a particular deadline. If key dates change, make sure you update your virtual event template so everyone is on the same page.

Measuring the success of your virtual conference is just as important as planning your online event with a virtual event template. Viostream offers enhanced analytic tools that monitor audience engagement during and after your live event so you can learn what viewers think about your content. You can access video reporting tools from an easy-to-use dashboard and even integrate reports with third-party business intelligence (BI) platforms for even deeper data insights. Discover Viostream's analytics features here.

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Create a Roadmap for Your Event

A virtual event template is essentially a roadmap that outlines the specific plan and timelines for your event. Use it to establish the goals of your event — to promote a product or service, for example, or educate your audience — and determine your event's theme, budget, target audience, objectives, and potential ROI. You can also use your virtual event template to specify the tools and technologies that will make your event a success. List the camera or microphones you will use, for example, or the features or widgets you want to incorporate into your live stream, such as live chat.

Viostream takes live streaming to the next level with multiple integrations and widgets that boost audience engagement. For example, you can incorporate Pigeonhole Live into your live streams — an app that supports quizzes, surveys, polls, and live chat. Alternatively, add Slido to your online event, which allows viewers to engage with your content via Q&As and polls. Learn more about Viostream's widgets here.

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A virtual event template helps you plan for your next online event so you can ensure it's a huge success. Using a template lets you assign event planning tasks to team members, monitor event milestones, and create a roadmap for your conference that outlines plans, goals, and timelines.

When it comes to hosting your event, Viostream is an enterprise-level video platform where you can host professional-level livestreams that make remote attendees feel like they're in the center of the action. To find out more, start your free trial now.

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