How to Live Stream Conferences and Virtual Meetings in the Post-Pandemic Era

How to Live Stream Conferences and Virtual Meetings in the Post-Pandemic Era

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, businesses have swapped the boardroom for the living room and broadcast conferences and virtual meetings from home. As the world slowly gets back to normal, organizations will continue to live stream events because it's an incredible way to reach people in the shortest amount of time. Unlike in-person meetings, there are no travel costs or space limitations, and event organizers can connect with clients, customers, investors, and partners wherever they are on the planet.

In this guide, learn how to live stream conferences and virtual meetings and discover how Viostream makes the process so much easier.

Table of Contents

  1. Choose the Right Equipment
  2. Consider Your Content
  3. Select the Right Online Video Platform
  4. How Viostream Helps
  5. Final Word

Choose the Right Equipment

Virtual conferences and meetings require little more than a good camera, microphone, video encoder, and online video platform. As you make your selections, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Choose a camera that lets you stream high-quality broadcasts to your audience.
  • Pick a microphone so viewers can hear your conference or meeting. Crystal-clear audio makes all the difference!
  • Find video encoding software that converts your video and audio to the correct format for live streaming — a process called 'transcoding.' Alternatively, you can choose an online video platform that does this for you.

You don't need to spend a lot of money on a new camera, microphone, or video encoder. This technology provides you with a significant return on your investment because you can save on the costs associated with hosting in-person conferences and meetings.

Consider Your Content

Once you have your equipment for live streaming, think about the content of your streams. Who is your audience? What message do you want to get across?

Perhaps you want to host a webinar and encourage viewers to purchase a product or service. Or maybe you want to discuss sales reports with potential investors. With live streaming, you can broadcast any topic you like. However, you need to engage your audience. Here are a few tips for how to do that:

  • Advertise your conference or meeting on social media and via email. Tell people why they need to watch your stream.
  • Include videos, images, and graphics to make your live streams more interesting.
  • Invite guest speakers to your streams.
  • Encourage viewers to get involved with your content. Some online video platforms let you integrate live chat features so you can communicate with your audience.
  • Set aside time at the end for a Q& session so attendees can participate by asking questions.
  • After the event ends, upload the recorded stream to your website or blog so attendees as well as those who were unable to make the live event can access the video.

Choose the Right Online Video Platform

Finally, you need to choose an online platform so people can watch your streams. Here are some things to consider:

  • Choose a tool with an HTML5 player. This technology allows your audience to watch live streams on any browser or device without downloading additional software. Not all online platforms have HTML5 players, so do your research.
  • Find a video solution with enhanced security. The last thing you want is for unauthorized persons to join your live stream and access your content. So choose a video platform with secure guest management features and security protocols. Free platforms like YouTube don't have these features, so consider a premium tool.
  • Choose a solution with real-time metrics. This will allow you to monitor your live streams during and after your conference or meeting. With the latest analytics, you can learn how viewers engage with your streams and fine-tune future content based on this invaluable information.

How Viostream Helps

Viostream is a powerful online video solution that drives external communications. Whether you want to engage with customers, clients, or partners, you can live stream your next conference or event and access the latest security, analytics, and video management features in one place. Here are some benefits of using Viostream for live events.

  • Post live URLs so people can find your streams quickly.
  • After your event, embed recorded video streams into your blog, website, or social channels.
  • Organize recorded streams in private branded video galleries.
  • Manage your streams easily and prevent unauthorized users from joining your events.
  • Improve usability with Viostream's HTML5 player so attendees can watch live streams from any device and browser without downloading extra software.
  • Generate real-time analytics
  • Integrate Viostream with a third-party live chat service.

Final Word

Even as life moves back toward a more in-person world, live stream events and virtual meetings will likely remain a fixture in the post-pandemic workplace. By keeping our advice in mind, you will be able to continue hosting successful live events and quickly store the recorded video for future reference. The entire process is relatively simple with the right technology, online video platform, and content ideas. For more successful live streaming, use Viostream to connect with your audience from a secure and feature-rich environment.

Viostream improves external communications with a broad range of live streaming features for conferences and virtual meetings. Contact our customer support team to learn more about how Viostream's professional video hosting platform can help improve your business communications today.

Stuart Auld
Stuart Auld
Stuart Auld (Head of Infrastructure) is a multi-disciplinary engineer with broad-ranging experience at executive level delivering operational best practice across customer engagement, technology, change management and process improvement.
Table of contents
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