What is a Video Transcription?

What is a Video Transcription?

Over the course of a few short years, video has become the most consumed form of online content. Its popularity is further enhanced by the fact that it is easily shareable, as well as watchable on a multitude of devices and browsers. While much of the video content found online is there simply as a form of entertainment, a significant amount of video is also utilized to provide information, educate viewers about a subject, and for marketing purposes. To ensure that everyone can enjoy all types of video content, even those who may be visually or hearing impaired, many that create videos also do so with video transcription.

So, what is video transcription? Because videos are such a highly prevalent form of content, the creators want to ensure that everyone can engage with their videos, no matter what. Put simply, the answer to “what is video transcription?” is that it is a process that enables individuals to read the content presented in a video. Consider the following as a short guide on how to make the most of this tool and process to ensure that as many people as possible are consuming your movies or videos.

You have probably seen several videos already that have closed captioning, and you may think that this is what video transcription is. But you'd only be half-right. Closed captioning is indeed a part of it, but video transcription is actually much more. Actual video transcription provides individuals with spoken captions, effects, and music in both a digital and printed format.

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What is Video Transcription Used For?

Video transcription serves a number of important purposes, both for the company and for those wishing to view the video.

Video Transcription Aids in Accessibility

Video transcription is one of the best tools for accessibility. Making your media more accessible and widening your potential reach is important. There is a large possibility that a significant portion of your audience is deaf or hard-of-hearing. As mentioned above, a transcript is more than just closed captioning. The transcript will also identify speakers and sounds such as music, laughter, thunder and lightning, or even silence. Video transcription is also a solution for individuals that are in sound-prohibitive environments, such as the office or a plane, as well as non-native English speakers.

Video Transcripts Help with Internal Communications

Everybody learns and digests information differently, and at a different pace. Adding video transcription to your internal communication efforts gives video viewers another option to absorb and retain information.

Video Transcription Helps With SEO

Marketers also have also realized what video transcription is and how it benefits the company in terms of search engine optimization. Pages with video transcripts rank higher on major search engines when the targeted keyword is included in the video transcript. Search engines are designed to know what a video transcript is and will place more importance and relevance on pages with videos that include a transcript.

How to Get Started With Video Transcription

There are several ways your business might develop a transcript for your video. First, you can hire someone to create the transcription. However, this is a tedious process. It entails someone listening closely to the video at least once, pausing and stopping all the way through, and writing down or typing all the words and sounds they hear in the recording. The manual process of creating a video transcription is by far the hardest and can also be costly. Luckily, today, many software programs will create video transcripts for you. You can use them to record an event, and they automatically detect dialogue and create transcripts as the video plays.

Alternatively, you can put an existing video (or audio file) into a program that creates video transcriptions. These programs play the video through and use technology and artificial intelligence to understand the dialogue being said, then record it in a document. In fact, some of the best transcription programs are contained in online platforms like Viostream.

Made for businesses who want to harness the power of accessible videos, the makers of Viostream understand fully what video transcription is and why it is so important. The platform can be used to create a transcript of any video you play on it. Feel free to add your own transcript, but you can also rely on the technology behind Viostream to get the language and sounds in the video very close to accurate.

How Viostream Can Help with a Video Transcript

Now that we've answered the question, what is video transcription, the next step is to start transcribing your videos. Using a platform like Viostream for video transcription is convenient because it gives you a place to publish and share your video content as well so that you can quickly get it out into the world or to a select audience. And knowing what video transcription is, you likely understand how important it is to start transcribing your current and future video content.

If you're ready to use video to entertain or grow your business, consider using Viostream to help. This enterprise-focused video platform can automatically transcribe videos for you, which means that once they're recorded, your work is done. Simply let the power of the Viostream program work, and you will end up with a video transcript that helps ensure your video is accessible and enjoyable for anyone who wants to take it in.

The Viostream platform, with a full understanding of what video transcription is, offers two different ways to create a complete video transcript:

  • Automatic: An AI-generated transcript that comes includes in every plan.
  • Premium: Allows users to order human-generated captions (which are 99% accurate and guaranteed to be correct, as well as WCAG 2.0 AA Compliant) for an additional cost.

Viostream also has a built-in captions editor so you can immediately correct any mistakes. Furthermore, you can use Viostream's central video library to store all company videos in the cloud and take advantage of Viostream's security features to make sure that none of your confidential or important, private company info is accessed by people who should not see it.

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