Jun 4, 2022

Why Do Video Analytics Matter for Internal Communications in 2022?

A strong internal communication strategy can bring leaders and employees closer together and help team members feel empowered in their jobs, according to Forbes magazine. One of the most crucial components of any strategy for internal communications is video, which can convey important topics to employees in a visual way and improve training and learning objectives in your organization. However, not all internal videos achieve these outcomes. Tracking the effectiveness of your content, therefore, helps you use video more strategically and connect with employees on a deeper level. This post will answer the question, "Why do video analytics matters for internal communications?"

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Why Do Video Analytics Matters for Internal Communications? You Can Make Better Decisions

Internal communications like video can influence leadership and innovation, employee motivation and productivity, and cross-departmental collaboration, according to Business Study Notes. However, you need to monitor internal communications to accurately gauge their effectiveness and impact on employees.

If you're wondering, "Why do video analytics matters for internal communications?," it's important to realize that the latest metrics help you understand the influence videos have on team members in relation to training and learning, workplace productivity, company culture awareness, and other factors. By analyzing video content, you can determine which type of videos have the greatest impact on employee engagement or ascertain whether certain videos improve training outcomes. In short, video analytics helps you make more informed decisions about your internal communications strategy.

Viostream, the enterprise-level video platform, comes with an incredible range of video analytics that helps you increase engagement with your internal teams. With its dashboard-style interface, it's easier than ever to interpret video metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), giving you more control over your video analytics data. With Viostream, you can improve decision-making in your organization by tracking analytics over multiple videos simultaneously and access video engagement data in real-time. Discover more of Viostream's video analytics features here.

Video Analytics Help You Understand Employee Viewing Habits

Seeing how employees interact and engage with your video content is one of the biggest reasons why video analytics matter for internal communications. The latest metrics help you understand the viewing habits of your team members by providing actionable insights such as:

  • Video view rates (how many employees watch your videos)
  • Attention span data (how long it takes employees to pause or stop a video)
  • The location of employees when they watch your videos
  • Click-through rates (if you place a clickable call-to-action in a video)
  • Social shares (whether employees share your videos on social media)

By understanding employee viewing habits, you can create more of the type of videos team members enjoy watching and improve your internal communication strategy over time. If videos with a guest speaker generate the most views and result in lots of social shares from employees, you can create more of these videos and reach more people.

Viostream's graphic engagement feature helps you understand employee viewing habits on a granular level. By knowing which videos engage your team members the most, you can replace low-engagement content with high-engagement content or place calls-to-actions in videos that resonate with viewers.

Video Analytics Help You Improve Learning and Development

Successful learning and development initiatives in the workplace improve employee retention, empower employees, and even develop future leaders, according to Ottawa University. Internal videos can enhance learning and development, but only if you understand how employees consume and engage with these videos. By tracking internal video content, you can discover whether your videos help you achieve your learning and development outcomes, which is exactly the reason why video analytics matter for internal communications.

For even deeper video insights, you can connect Viostream's video analytics data to any business intelligence (BI) tools you currently use in your organization via simple integrations. That helps you enhance your internal communications strategy and generate even more value from your videos. Learn more about Viostream's video analytics features here.

In Conclusion

So why do video analytics matters for internal communications? Using real-time video metrics can help you make more informed decisions about your internal communication strategy, understand employee viewing habits on a deeper level, and improve learning and development goals in your enterprise. By analyzing video analytics data, you can learn which videos are the most effective for engaging team members and achieving your organizational goals. Incorporate video analytics into your business today and transform how you use video content to communicate with employees.

Viostream lets you upload, share, track, and manage internal videos in your company. With features such as video heat maps, graphic engagement meters, and BI tool integration, you can generate unparalleled intelligence into your internal communication strategy and achieve various organizational goals. Start your Viostream free trial now and see why video analytics matter for internal communications.

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