What You Need To Host Internal Communication Training at Work

What You Need To Host Internal Communication Training at Work

It's not just what you say but how you say it. Using the right communication strategies in your organization can improve performance, productivity and lead to a healthier, happier workforce. But first, you need to make sure every employee knows how to communicate properly.

That's where internal communication training comes in. It ensures all team members use the right tools and technologies to convey important information internally, resulting in a uniform communication solution for the whole company.

Why Is Internal Communication Training Important?

Everyone has a different communication style. Some people are assertive and can communicate information clearly, while others struggle to put their thoughts into words. Internal communication training ensures all your team members are on the same page when exchanging information at work. They will be more successful at raising workplace-related issues, suggesting innovative ideas, understanding each other's roles, and giving and receiving constructive feedback. All of this can help improve internal communications and result in a more engaged workforce that actively listens, voices its opinions and successfully collaborates on projects.

Viostream provides you with a secure environment for video-based internal communication training. For example, you can protect sensitive information with access controls that restrict content to certain teams or departments. Other security features include Single Sign-On (SSO), domain whitelists and IP address and geolocation restrictions. Learn more.

Create an Internal Communications Plan

Your internal communications plan will be the foundation of your training program. It details how employees across departments should engage with each other to support your organization's goals and values.

Say an employee's computer breaks down and they can't complete their work. That employee might not know how to reach out to your IT team, and may fail to report the technical problem until later on in the day. An internal communication plan should include solutions to issues like these and list the relevant points of contact for quick information exchange.

Your plan should also include the recommended communication channels employees should use in specific circumstances. For example, you might require a team member with a business development idea to bring it up during a weekly meeting. For more urgent communications, you might suggest email as an effective communication method.

Don't forget to share your written plan with all your employees. This way, everyone at work will know the best formats, channels and points of contact for successful internal communication.  

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Use Video To Improve Internal Communication Training

Using videos for internal communication training can foster connections between you and your employees, no matter their location. You can use video to teach team members about different communication styles, who to report to in an emergency, how to file a workplace-based complaint, how to communicate with different members of staff and what technologies to use when exchanging information internally (email, intranet, live chat, video, etc.). Research shows that people retain 95 percent of a message in a video compared to 10 percent when reading it in a text, meaning a video might be even more effective for internal communication training than a written plan.

Viostream is a video platform that can help you optimize internal communication training. With its enhanced security, analytics and video management features, you can convey visual information about internal communications more effectively and create a more informed, unified workforce. Viostream features include branded video galleries for hosting internal communications videos and a video CMS that lets employees watch your content wherever they are in the world. Learn more about Viostream's video management features, or start your 14-day free trial and try it for yourself.

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Track the Success of Your Videos

To make your internal communication training videos successful, you need to learn how employees engage with your visual content. Video analytics tools help you discover whether your videos resonate with team members and how they interact with your content. If employees don't understand a particular aspect of a training video, you can communicate that information differently to ensure you get the message across.

Viostream's analytics tools help you interpret video data so you can create more engaging internal videos. A graphic engagement meter, for example, lets you understand video engagement in real-time so you can replace 'low engagement' content quickly. Learn more about Viostream's video analytics features.

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An internal communications plan, videos and video analytics are three of the best tools to use when hosting internal communication training in the workplace. By using these technologies, you can get the right information to the right employees and improve the way team members report, exchange and discuss important information.

When you need to communicate efficiently with your employees, it helps to have a single source of truth when it comes to your video training content. Viostream is a private hosting platform where you can store, curate and share your corporate videos quickly and securely without the distractions that come with a consumer-level platform. Start your free trial and see how Viostream can improve your internal communications today.

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