Looking for an alternative to Panopto?

Although Panopto has plenty to offer, Viostream is the only video platform uniquely designed for professional teams with high business goals.

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Viostream is a cloud-based video platform for organizations that require enterprise-level video management capabilities.


Panopto is cloud-based software company that provides lecture recording, screen-casting, video streaming, video content management software for training, teaching and presenting.



Viostream targets businesses and governments that require advanced analytics, security and media management capabilities.


Panopto targets universities, E-learning environments, and enterprise training-type activities.



Viostream has an intuitive user interface built around customers need. We fix customer problems by evolving our interface to satisfy customer needs.


Users describe an overall satisfaction with the platform. The biggest complaints are about features that don’t fully deliver, or require excess manual effort to bring results to an acceptable level.



Viostream generates deep data insights that reveal video ROI, engagement, conversion rates, and numerous other analytics data. Ask for a demo of Viostream analytics.


Panopto analytics are strong, but designed for the
university, and Learning & Development markets
(aimed at student engagement with videos).

Business Intelligence


Users can integrate video data with 22 BI tools, including PowerBI, Qlik, and Salesforce Einstein Analytics. These integrations require no code. See a list of Viostream Business Intelligence integrations.


Panopto doesn't integrate with any BI tools.



Geo-blocking, private videos, two-step authentication, IP restrictions, domain whitelists, single sign-on (SSO) authentication, sub-accounts, user roles, password policies, ISO27001 compliance. See our list of Viostream security features.


Amazon Web Service (AWS) is responsible for physical, network, and virtualization platform security. Panopto is responsible for host, middleware, and application- level security, event monitoring, and disaster recovery. Customers are responsible for user identity management, access control, and data security.

why us

Five reasons why Viostream is simply the better option

Innovative technology designed for professional organizations.

  • We bring a measured and thoughtful approach to the creative potential of video.

  • Our technology has virtually eliminated video buffering.

  • Viostream doesn't show your viewers any advertisements during your videos.

An emphasis on security

  • We offer single sign-on (SSO) and restriction options when you only want specific people to see your video.

  • If you need to securely share internal or proprietary work information in a video, we can help.

  • Security matters because without it, someone might use or manipulate your video without your consent

Accessibility is a Viostream priority

  • Viostream easily optimizes captions, alt text, color contrast, and more for your content

  • Ensure that all of your viewers can fully engage with your videos.

Built for optimal viewer engagement

  • Create curated portals of videos for specific audiences.

  • When you want to share content publicly, easily add to your website, social media, and more.

  • Connect with your viewers with call-to-action capabilities during videos.

Understand and maximize the impact of your video

  • You can analyze detailed data reports per video and review your overall engagement with built-in dashboards.

  • Export your data to Business Intelligence (BI) tools.