Viostream's Business Intelligence Integrations

Viostream's Business Intelligence Integrations

Business Intelligence (BI) is rooted in transforming a company's data into meaningful insights. Viostream integrates with a number of business intelligence tools to make analyzing, discovering, and reporting on your video data easier. Not only will the right BI tool enable you to learn more about your viewers, but it will also empower you to create better video content in the future while informing investments by revealing video ROI and other essential metrics.

Table of Contents

  1. Adobe
  2. AtScale
  3. Quicksight
  4. ChartIO
  5. Domo
  6. IBM Cognos
  7. Looker
  8. Metabase
  9. PowerBI
  10. MicroStrategy
  11. Mode
  12. Oracle
  13. Pentaho
  14. Pyramid Analytics
  15. Qlik
  16. Sigma
  17. Salesforce Einstein Analytics
  18. SAP
  19. Sisense
  20. Tableau
  21. ThoughtSpot
  22. TIBCO


Adobe's business intelligence tools give you a single source of truth for all the data your business owns. Aside from cloud-based hosting for easy access across departments, you'll also enjoy data visualization, reporting tools, and a robust dashboard.


AtScale adds a semantic layer, connecting your business intelligence and artificial intelligence tools to a secure cloud data platform. Monitor and manage business-oriented data with ease, abstracting complexity away from your raw insights so you can get a seamless, single-truth look into what your analytics really mean.

Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight is an endlessly scalable, server-less tool powered by machine learning. It's made for the cloud with tools that help you quickly and effortlessly publish interactive dashboards to dive into your ML-powered BI insights. Whether you have ten users or ten thousand, this high-capacity solution offers pay-per-session pricing for endless flexibility.


With over a decade of experience, Chartio allows any company, with or without a data team, to explore and understand its data. Chartio recently announced that it's partnering with Atlassian. In the meantime, Chartio remains a standalone tool through March 2022.


"Data innovators choose Domo" — it's not just a catchy slogan. Domo is known for its ability to seamlessly connect any data source and bring huge amounts of data into one unified view, so analyzing and making insight-driven decisions becomes easy and routine.

IBM Cognos

Cognos dates back to 1969, employing over 3,500 people and serving more than 23,000 customers around the world at its peak point of operation. It was acquired by tech giant IBM in 2008, and has only become more powerful as a BI and performance management platform.


Paired with Google Cloud, Looker is a tool to reveal the true power of your data. Fresh insights stream into your intuitive dashboard, where revealing the meaning behind metrics feels natural.


Metabase is an open-source business intelligence server that you can install in as little as five minutes. Connect it to all of your systems and you have the fastest, easiest way to combine data and analytics from across systems into one place.


PowerBI from Microsoft aims to offer the most interactive and visual data representations and insights on the market. The interface is simple enough for even non-tech users, helping data become a part of daily decision-making.


Since 1989, MicroStrategy has been offering business intelligence, mobile, and cloud-based solutions for companies of all sizes. The company's software helps you analyze and combine with internal and external data for "big picture" insight.


Mode has dubbed itself "the collaborative data science platform," which offers self-serve metrics for stakeholders and in-depth, interactive visualizations for the data teams within your company.


Oracle's BI solutions help foster a data-driven culture throughout your organization with analytics that are powerful and visually stunning. With Oracle, your teams will make fast, informed decisions, with mobile-enabled capabilities.


Pentaho is a BI software providing OLAP services, reporting, data integration, informational dashboards, data mining, ETL capabilities, and more. It became part of Hitachi Vantara in 2017 after being acquired in 2014.

Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid is a data-driven platform designed for people and their products. This system adapts to the needs of each individual, offering different features based on their goals and skill level.


Qlik markets itself as the only end-to-end solution for cloud data integration and data analytics. If you're looking for an advanced business intelligence platform, Qlik can help you transform data into assets quickly and effectively.


Sigma helps accelerate data-driven decision-making by taking endless rows of data and making them easily digestible, putting information into the hands of marketers, managers, and your cross-functional teams.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Native to Salesforce BI, Einstein Analytics is a data discovery tool made for mobile usage. Use it to effortlessly extract, transform, and analyze your business's data sets to turn metrics into meaningful insights.


SAP gives you access to real-time data on a scalable platform. Users can customize the data they see and how they see it, easing comprehension and encouraging adoption and regular use.


With Sisense, you can embed analytics into everything you do, helping give your business a sharp competitive edge. Sisense takes your data and unleashes its power throughout your organization to transform how you function, grow, and service customers.


Tableau empowers anyone and everyone to understand the meaning of their data. Connect to just about any database and use drag-and-drop tools to create vivid data visualizations, which you can share with a single click.


As a BI and big data platform, ThoughtSpot helps you explore, analyze, and take action on the data you already have without requiring too much manual data handling.


TIBCO's connected intelligence solution unifies your data from across sources for easy access and control. Using TIBCO, your teams can predict outcomes at scale and in real-time, improving business outcomes across the board.

Why Viostream?

Not only does Viostream connect with your favorite business intelligence tools, but we also offer a host of rich video analytics in the platform itself so you have plenty of data to analyze. Contact our support team to discuss your needs.

Evan Parker
Evan Parker
Chief Executive Officer
Evan is the Chief Executive Officer, with over 15 years of leadership experience across technology, management consulting & military service.
Table of contents
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