Jun 29, 2022

Are Video Analytics Platforms Worth It?

Many brands and marketers are now well aware that video marketing is an increasingly important component of any digital marketing strategy. Likewise, it is also highly beneficial when videos are utilized as an onboarding and training technique. But in order to truly understand how well your video content is performing, either for marketing purposes or for internal communications, you need to gather data from video analytics.

But are video analytics platforms worth it? After all, you can use free analytical tools provided by social media platforms, and Google Analytics also offers useful data gathering tools. But these are all rather limited in scope. In a highly competitive marketplace, the more data you can gather, the more equipped you’ll be to stay competitive, as well as build strong teams.

So, are video analytics platforms worth it? If you want to remain competitive and improve your chances of success, the answer is a definite yes.

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Are Video Analytics Platforms Worth It? What Can They Do For You?

Our ever-advancing technology has allowed for the automation of tasks so that humans no longer need to monitor and interpret overwhelming amounts of collected data. Deep learning video analytics now offer automated means of measuring everything. And as video becomes a larger part of the daily operations of so many organizations, it’s important to realize that using video analytics can significantly benefit your business.

What is Video Analytics?

Before answering the question “Are video analytics platforms worth it?” you must also gain a deeper understanding of what video analytics is. By definition, video analytics is a method in which software uses mathematical algorithms to monitor, analyze and manage large volumes of video. It transforms video inputs by digitally analyzing and sorting them into intelligent data which helps in making decisions.

How can this information be used to improve your video marketing? For starters, video analytics can be set up to track and provide alerts to specific incidents in real-time, or they can analyze retrospectively. For example, video analytics can be configured to count the number of viewers of a particular video posted on a social media platform, or they can be applied to help you discover at which point viewers stop watching your video.

Essentially, using video analytics helps to set up processes that are more effective and less expensive than having humans do a manual inspection of video footage. It can help your business cut costs, gain valuable insights and keep up with your competition.

Many organizations benefit from the deep insight provided by using a business-oriented video analytics platform such as Viostream. Viostream’s video analytics give you the tools to increase engagement with your audience and a dashboard-style interface makes it easy to understand and interpret your data. To see Viostream's best-in-class analytics in action, start your free 14-day trial now.

Are Video Analytics Platforms Worth It? What Do They Measure?

When asking, Are video analytics platforms worth it?, you have to consider the actual analytics themselves and how they can help you improve your video content. Some of the basic KPIs you can measure with video analytics platforms include the number of views on a particular video, the play rate, the engagement rate, and what devices and operating systems viewers are using to watch your videos. Each of these KPIs, and many others can be analyzed to paint a broad picture of how well your videos are serving to help you achieve your goals. So, are video analytics platforms worth it? Well. just consider that the more information you have, the better you’ll be able to improve upon your video marketing or internal communications, increasing your chances of success.

Advanced video analytics platforms go much farther than the free tools available on the Internet. For example, you can use a video heat map that shows you exactly what actions users take when interacting with your video. Or you can better understand viewer engagement with comprehensive viewer reports. All of the KPIs can be used to help you make informed decisions and better fine-tune your video content so that they perform to optimal benefit.

What Can You Really Do with Video Analytics?

We've established that video analytics platforms are more efficient and thorough than the free tools. But when it comes to return on investment, are video analytics platforms worth it? Consider what you can do with the information you’ve collected via an enterprise-grade analytics platform. For the purposes of training and onboarding, you can use the data to create more engaging videos that increase information retention and help you build stronger, more skilled teams. By using real-time analytics to better understand the behavior of your employees, you can foster a culture of continual learning that adapts to your employees' needs.

For marketing purposes, video analytics will be of great benefit in helping you to create engaging content at every touchpoint along the consumer journey map. You’ll have the information you need to better guide your audience, build lead funnels, and easily develop hyper-focused follow-up video campaigns.

In Conclusion

Are video analytics platforms worth it? It should be readily obvious by now that they certainly are. Without the knowledge gained by an advanced video analytics platform, your organization will be a disadvantage when attempting to compete with others in the market.

Viostream is an online, cloud-based video streaming, hosting, and management platform that provides you with the tools and data you need to truly increase audience engagement and enhance the potential of your video. Featuring a dashboard-style interface that makes it easy to understand and interpret your data, Viostream is the ultimate video management platform for maintaining a competitive edge. Interested in implementing video analytics at your organization? Find out how Viostream can help.  Start a free trial today to publish your videos, see how they're doing, and improve your performance. Once you work with Viostream, you'll definitely realize the answer to the question, Are video analytics platforms worth it? is a resounding yes.

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