Why Your Brand Should Invest in Video Training for Employees

Why Your Brand Should Invest in Video Training for Employees

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of the modern-day workspace have undergone drastic changes. The most notable change has been the massive shift to a hybrid workforce across many industries. Some brands have even opted for a completely remote workforce. While there are certainly benefits to either model, there are also challenges. One such challenge is proper training and learning development, leading many to wonder if video training for employees is effective.

The good news? Video training for employees is not only a highly effective method for providing training to employees, but it is also cost-effective. In today’s competitive marketplace, video training for employees can be used to build a more powerful workforce and ensure employee retention.

Why Video Training for Employees Makes Sense

With a partial or all-remote workforce, it can be difficult to provide training to employees in a manner that ensures they all have the same experience. The solution is video training for employees. Using videos, employers can provide employees with learning content that is accessible at any time, in any location.

It is also the preferred medium for employees. According to a Ninja Essays report, training videos are the ideal way to provide company information, training materials, and educational material to employees for improved team development. In fact, a report states that 90% of employees already reported using video in some capacity to learn new information. Additionally, approximately 70% stated that they preferred video training for employees over written documents.

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Benefits of Video Training for Employees

Video training for employees is beneficial for both the employer and the employee. There are also cost-saving benefits garnered from eliminating the need for a classroom. Videos can also be easily edited if necessary and used over and over with new employees, thereby providing an evergreen asset to your company.

Video Training for employees serves to improve employee retention as well as increase engagement. As revealed by the statistics above, employees just prefer to watch videos. And doing so makes learning new information and instruction a more engaging experience for the employee. Subsequently, they are also more likely to retain the information. A SAVO Group study found that the average employee forgets 65% of the material taught during a regular training session after just 7 days. However, a video training session actually increases retention by 65%.

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Versatility and accessibility are also important parts of why video training for employees is so effective. Because training videos can be created using a variety of styles and for a variety of different purposes, employers can find meaningful and entertaining ways to get a story or message across to employees. Video training for employees can be used for onboarding, teaching employees about new products or services, training employees on new systems, and improving employee skills.

Because videos can be streamed at any time, in any location, there is no need to worry about accessibility. Workers in the office or working remotely can easily stream videos at any time. When you use a video hosting and management platform such as Viostream, you can also eliminate buffering, ensure privacy, and track and measure results.

Technology and training videos have certainly come a long way from amateurish VHS tapes. Today’s videos are professional, visually appealing, and impactful. Employers can easily produce great video content, edit it as necessary, and add more video assets to the company library as new videos are needed.

In essence, video training for employees provides the tools and information developing teams need to succeed. A video training program offers unlimited potential for improving the speed and effectiveness in which employees can learn and improve their own skills. A strong team is a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace. Brands that invest in training and learning development for their workforce will maintain a strong edge over their competitors.

Why Choose Viostream

Viostream features advanced analytics that enables you to track and measure how effective your video training for employees really is. You can also build secure video viewing playlists for employees or individual teams and integrate them with your LMS.

Using a video platform like Viostream makes creating and implementing a video training program for employees easier than ever. You can choose to utilize live video streaming, live URLs, and live video embeds; or opt for video on demand, video playlists, video social sharing, and video embedding.  But don't take our word for it: start your free trial and see for yourself.

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Stuart Auld
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