Jul 6, 2022

Top 7 Video Hosting Platforms in 2022

Video remains one of the most effective forms of communication, and nearly 3.5 billion internet users will watch streaming or downloaded content at least once a month by 2023. That's nearly half of the total world population. The problem is that video content requires more storage space than text-based content, and it can clog up servers pretty easily. With a whopping 79% of businesses that didn't use video in 2021 planning to do so in 2022, video hosting platforms are more sought-after than ever. Consider the following list of best video hosting platforms to optimize your video content management strategy in 2022 and beyond. 

What is a Video Hosting Platform?

A video hosting platform lets you upload and store pre-recorded videos, typically in the cloud. Some hosting platforms also offer live streaming features, allowing you to broadcast content to viewers in real-time. 

The best video hosting tools streamline remote video hosting and remove the costs usually associated with self-storage. There's no need to pay for storage and bandwidth or invest in expensive servers and data centers when you use this technology. All you need to do is upload your video to a hosting platform and share it with the world. 

After uploading a video to a hosting tool, you can embed it on your website or social media profile or share a URL link to your content with viewers. Some hosting services allow you to access data insights about your videos, letting you learn how audiences engage and interact with content.

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The 7 Best Video Hosting Platforms for 2022

From customizable video players to AI-powered video analytics, there are plenty of choices for video hosting. Which one should you choose? Here is a list of the best video hosting platforms for 2022:


Viostream is an enterprise-grade video hosting platform that enables you to upload, manage and organize your video assets securely in the cloud and easily publish them across multiple channels with no content restrictions.

Viostream takes security seriously, helping you protect your video assets. You can set up user controls, encrypt videos, and block IP addresses and specific geolocations from viewing your content. The trustworthy platform also whitelists domains and offers SSO. One of Viostream's best features is customization, allowing you to plan your video content management strategy on your terms, 

It is also the only video platform that integrates with business intelligence (BI) tools, helping you generate deep insights into your video content management strategy. If you do not have a BI solution, you can still access best-in-class in-built metrics, discover how audiences engage with your content, and take action. Viostream's engagement meter, for example, lets you replace low-engagement content with high-engagement content.

Viostream benefits marketing, corporate communications, and learning and development, and you can use it to target customers, students, and internal teams. Features include easy-to-use templates, custom players, unlimited video embeds, and the ability to share content via social media, the intranet, and content management systems. You can even integrate Viostream with your learning management system. Also, branded video galleries for organizing and categorizing videos related to a specific topic make Viostream one of the best video hosting platforms for engagement.

Unlike some of the best video hosting tools on this list, Viostream lets you live stream content and integrate streams with third-party tools like Pigeonhole and Slido, allowing you to add surveys, polls, and live chat features to broadcasts.  

Viostream is an enterprise-level video platform for hosting videos in a safe environment and improving your video content management strategy. Start your free trial now and learn why you can trust Viostream's world-class security and customization features. 


Vimeo is another well-known video hosting platform that you can use to host videos. However, it appeals to a small audience of creative professionals, and the types of videos that tend to do well on the platform include original short films, animations, indie music videos, and outdoor sports and nature videos. Unless you share videos like this, you’ll probably have a tough time attracting an audience on Vimeo. 

Vimeo might be a good choice if you want to host private corporate communication and learning and development videos. You can also password-protect content, unlist videos from appearing in search results, or hide videos from showing up on Vimeo. However, the platform has far fewer security features compared to a service likeViostream, which might prove to be a problem if your company values video security and compliance. 


YouTube remains the largest video hosting platform on the internet, with 247 million viewers in the United States as of April 2022. This free platform allows independent content creators to broadcast content to a vast global audience, and there are no data storage or bandwidth limits. YouTube also offers ad revenue to those who qualify. 

While YouTube might be one of the best video hosting tools for individual content creators, it is not the best option for businesses. YouTube only offers its trademark I-frame player to embed videos into websites, leaving you no way to showcase your branding and increase company awareness.

Because it's a free platform, YouTube doesn't have the security and customization features you would expect from an enterprise-level video hosting tool, which could put your video data at risk. You also can't create branded video galleries or integrate the platform with BI tools. 


Dailymotion is another one of the best video hosting tools for 2022. With 250 million monthly unique users worldwide as of November 2021, the platform attracts a massive audience, making it a great place to promote your business. However, there are several things to consider when using Dailymotion, especially if you want to share private internal videos. While the platform lets you password-protect videos, you can't block specific IP addresses or encrypt your content. There are also limits on file sizes, and you won't be able to download any videos without a third-party service, which will cost you more money in the long run. Dailymotion also automatically plays ads before, during, and after videos, which might annoy viewers. 

That said, Dailymotion offers free, unlimited hosting, which appeals to independent content creators and businesses. The platform improves video playback with adaptive HLS streaming and lets you scale videos according to your business needs. That makes it among the best video hosting platforms.


Wistia is one of the best video hosting platforms for digital marketing. Like Viostream, it comes with features such as CTAs and lead capture form embedding. You can also customize your video player based on your business needs and highlight other videos from your channel alongside your content. Another benefit of Wistia is the ability to integrate the platform with your customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Despite these features, Wistia doesn’t have a huge audience, which might make it difficult to reach potential customers. Also, Wistia has just 50,000 users in 2022.

Spotlightr (formerly vooPlayer)

vooPlayer has changed its name to Spotlightr for 2022. This video hosting platform, aimed primarily at marketers, offers advanced video insights, helping you populate custom audiences, collects leads, and more. It has fully customizable branding options, advanced video analytics, special features like contests, and the ability to integrate with Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads. 

The downside to Spotlightr is that it is a complex tool that can easily overwhelm anyone not familiar with the more intricate aspects of video hosting. That makes other best video hosting platforms more suitable for smaller businesses without a lot of marketing resources. One of the best features of Spotlightr is its lead generation tool, which helps marketers source high-quality leads for videos. 

Sprout Video

Sprout Video is another one of the best video hosting solutions for marketers. It offers sharing and collaboration tools, audience building, video analytics, and lead capture forms. Use the online tool to design unlimited video players and match each player with specific pages on your site. You can also create custom playlists to make a more engaging journey for customers. Many Fortune 500 companies use Sprout for video marketing in 2022, including FedEx, WeWork, and Thompson Reuters. 

However, like vooPlayer, Sprout is very complex and can be confusing for some users. It’s a good choice for experienced digital marketers but not for small businesses or anyone new to the game. Something like Viostream, for example, which has a drag-and-drop interface might be better for smaller companies that are new to video content marketing. 


Uscreen helps educators make money from their online learning videos. It lets users create, organize and sell video courses online. You can easily integrate it with smartphone and TV apps and improve learning and development from different devices. 

While Uscreen is one of the best video hosting tools for educators (and businesses specifying in video training), it lacks features for corporate communication and marketing. A more general video hosting platform might provide more value if you want to engage with customers and employees. 

What Makes the Best Video Hosting Platforms? 

The best video hosting tool will become the foundation of your video content marketing strategy. The ideal platform will let you upload and share high-quality videos with your audience without worrying about crashing your website, slowing down video loading times, or frustrating your audience. 

Trust Radius says the best video hosting platforms support easily accessible video storage that's not subject to content restrictions and enables users to make videos private for internal use. Other factors to consider when choosing a video hosting platform include:

  • Security features, such as encryption, access controls, single sign-on (SSO), and ISP/geographic restrictions. 
  • Live streaming capabilities, allowing you to broadcast content in real-time. 
  • Ways to organize your videos, such as portals and video galleries. 
  • Integrations with third-party tools. 
  • A video hosting platform that helps with corporate communication, marketing, and learning and development.

All of the video hosting solutions listed above (apart from YouTube and Dailymotion) offer a free trial or product demo of some kind, allowing you to sample features before for a limited time. 

Why Viostream for Video Hosting?

The best video hosting tools on this list let you store pre-recorded videos and share them with audiences. However, Viostream provides a comprehensive solution by offering many of the best features from the other leading platforms, plus enhanced security and customization. The platform lets you upload, share, and manage videos for marketing, corporate communication, and learning and development purposes, providing you with flexibility and unparalleled video insights. Start your free trial and learn why you can trust Viostream.

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