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    8 Best Video Hosting Platforms in 2021

    Video is one of the most effective forms of communication, accounting for over 82% of all internet traffic and expected to keep growing in popularity. Businesses around the world are getting on board with video tutorials, video marketing, video staff meetings, and more. But because video content requires more storage space than text-based content, it can clog up your servers pretty easily. That’s why most companies seek out a video hosting platform. 

    Table of Contents

    1. What is a Video Hosting Platform?
    2. What to Consider When Choosing a Video Hosting Platform
    3. Viostream
    4. YouTube
    5. Dailymotion
    6. Vimeo
    7. Wistia
    8. vooPlayer
    9. Sprout Video
    10. Uscreen

    What Is a Video Hosting Platform? 

    Video hosting platforms have become the foundation of a successful content marketing strategy. Your business needs to be able to upload and share high-quality videos with your audience without having to worry about crashing your website or slowing down video loading times and frustrating your end-users. Even if you have a dedicated server or virtual machine, a small amount of traffic can overload your servers.

    What to Consider When Choosing a Video Hosting Platform

    Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a host:

    • Cost
    • Type of video content you are hosting
    • Audience preference of each hosting site
    • Need for live streaming, collaboration, or internal sharing
    • Features like video display, customization, and download options
    • Policies on things like content restriction, monetization, etc. 

    From customizable video players that gel with your branding to analytics powered by AI and machine learning, there are plenty of choices when it comes to video hosting. Which one should you choose? Take a look at our list of the best platforms to use in 2021. 

    1. Viostream

    Viostream is the best enterprise-grade video hosting platform for both government and business. It allows you to upload, manage and organize all of your video assets securely in the cloud and easily publish them to social media, your intranet, or a CMS. You can broadcast secure, reliable live streams and engage your audience with Q&A. Their video sites let you create on-brand, optimized websites for your videos with easy-to-use templates and gain deep insights with their reporting tools. And they have top-notch security to ensure the safety of your video content. 

    2. YouTube

    YouTube is the largest video sharing site on the web, with nearly 2 billion users active on the site every month. But biggest doesn’t always mean best! YouTube is a great choice for independent content creators who can tap into YouTube's vast audience. It’s a free site with no limit on data storage or bandwidth, and it offers ad revenue for those who qualify. But it’s not a great option for businesses. YouTube only offers its trademark i-frame player as the choice to embed videos into your site, and it doesn’t offer any way to showcase your company brand or woo your audience. If you're a business looking for a customizable video hosting platform, we recommend finding an alternative.

    3. Dailymotion

    Dailymotion is another video sharing platform, like YouTube, that claims to have over 300 million unique users. They also offer free, unlimited hosting, which is appealing for both independent content creators and businesses alike. You can choose to make videos private and even password-protect them to control who is watching. If you want to build an audience on their platform, they offer that opportunity as well. However, they have a max on file sizes, and you can’t download your videos without a third-party service. Plus, they play ads automatically before, during, and after videos. 

    4. Vimeo

    Vimeo is another well-known video hosting platform and collaboration suite aimed at professionals. However, it appeals to a fairly small audience of creative professionals. The types of videos that tend to do well on Vimeo include original short films, animations, indie music videos, and outdoor sports and nature videos. Unless you are sharing videos like this, you’ll probably have a tough time attracting an audience on Vimeo. 

    5. Wistia

    Wistia is a video hosting platform that offers digital marketing solutions as well. You can use their advanced features like embedding lead capture forms and other CTAs within the videos themselves. Their player is 100% customizable, and you can highlight other videos from your channel. It also offers plenty of convenient CRM integrations. It’s great for providing customers with a personalized experience, but it doesn’t have a ready-made audience for those just starting out. It also comes at a premium tier price level.

    6. vooPlayer

    Aimed primarily at marketers, vooPlayer offers advanced video insights, helps you populate custom audiences, collects leads, and more. It has fully customizable branding options, advanced video analytics, special features like contests, and the ability to integrate with Google, Facebook and Instagram ads. The downside is that it is a super complex site that can easily overwhelm anyone not familiar with the more intricate aspects of video hosting.

    7. Sprout Video

    Sprout Video is a video hosting platform designed for businesses. It offers sharing and collaboration tools as well as audience building, video analytics, and lead capture forms. You can use the online tool to design unlimited video players and match each player with specific pages on your site. You can also create custom playlists to make a more engaging journey for customers. The downside is that, like vooPlayer, it is very complex and can be confusing for users. It’s a good choice for experienced digital marketers, but not for small businesses or anyone new to the game. 

    8. Uscreen

    Uscreen helps educators make money from their online videos. It lets users create, organize and sell video courses online. You can easily integrate it with different apps on mobile phones and smart TVs, and they offer custom pricing models so you can buy the amount of storage space you need. However, the basic plan starts at $99/month, and they limit subscribers to 300. It’s best suited to educators and business owners that primarily need a solution for releasing (and selling) video training courses. 

    How Viostream Can Help

    Need a premium, enterprise-grade video hosting platform? Check out Viostream. We offer video streaming services for enterprises, startups, government organizations, educational institutions, and more. We also have live-streaming capabilities, collect and analyze data, and allow for branded streaming. Contact our customer support team to learn more about how Viostream can serve your business or organization.

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