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Oct 5, 2022

Compliance Training Video Examples

Neither employees nor employers ever really look forward to compliance and safety training. That being said, compliance training is still a necessity for many businesses. Without it, employees may unknowingly break laws or operate in an unsafe manner in the workplace, opening up the company to fines and legal action. Luckily, employers who aren’t sure where to begin with compliance training or those wishing to improve their compliance training programs can find plenty of effective compliance training video examples online.

In this article, you’ll see what makes some of the included compliance training video examples so effective and gain some valuable tips on making your own compliance training videos. There’s a great benefit to doing so, after all. Consider that major companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Caterpillar Inc. have all been using video to deliver compliance training and safety training, effectively cutting training costs significantly.

And that’s also why we’re so focused on compliance training video examples — because video is much more effective than classroom training, lectures, or text-based training materials. In fact, over 70% of people prefer to watch a video than read documents or emails. Additionally, video increases retention by 35%.

Using Video for Compliance Training

Before delving into the list of great compliance training video examples, let's further discuss why video is such a powerful medium for providing that training. Aside from people’s personal preference for video, studies show that video also makes learning easier. Video can be used to simplify complex concepts, tell an engaging story, and showcase instruction in a visual manner that is easier to understand. Put simply, videos make a deeper, longer-lasting impression.

Many other companies that have begun using video to deliver their compliance training program also facilitate the process via a professional, business-oriented video hosting and management platform. For example, Viostream is a secure, feature-rich platform that makes it easy for businesses to store, share, and analyze video content in a secure location. Try a free trial today.

Effective Compliance Training Video Examples

The following compliance training video examples are highlighted because they are entertaining, engaging, and lead to positive change in the workplace.

Why Compliance Training Is Important

This first video actually does a great job of explaining to your employees what compliance training is and why it is important. The video uses a combination of humor and storytelling and can serve as a great introduction to a compliance training program.

Email Compliance

This next video about email compliance is suitable for any company. It does a great job of showcasing why email compliance is critical and how not following common-sense email protocols can cause problems for an employee and the company.

Workplace Bullying

Another great compliance training video example is this video on workplace bullying. With animation and a friendly voiceover, the video showcases several common issues that employees might experience in the workplace and how to deal with them.

HIPAA Regulations

This video on HIPAA compliance may not apply to every company, but you can see how it uses a sitcom approach to add excitement and emotional impact to what might otherwise be a boring subject.

Tips for Making Your Own Compliance Training Videos

You probably picked up some good ideas from the above compliance training video examples. Here are some additional tips to get you started making your own video content.

Keep It Short and to the Point

Many companies produce or use videos that are way too long. Employees lose interest after just a few minutes if the video continues to drone on, so you want to create a video that gets to the point quickly. If the subject requires a lot of discussion, try to break a single long video into several smaller videos. Follow each video with a short conversation to get employees thinking about it.

Avoid Stock Images

Using actors or actual employees to create your videos immediately establishes a connection. Go for animation if you cannot use live individuals for your compliance training video. Doing so adds an element of fun and creates an engaging story.

Remember the Story

Simply explaining rules and regulations isn't very exciting. Instead, use storytelling to showcase possible scenarios employees will need to be aware of and how to handle those situations should they arise.

Keep It Branded

To ensure employees continue to feel a sense of belonging and identify with your company culture, ensure that your compliance training video examples also have some level of consistent branding.

Include CTAs

Calls to action can be just as important for internal communications and compliance training videos as they are for marketing videos. Add a CTA that encourages thought, discussion, and action so that employees know what to do next if they have more questions or concerns about a subject.

Managing Your Content

Whether using your own created content or compliance training video examples from other companies, you’ll need a secure place to store, manage, and share your video content with employees. You’ve probably seen many compliance training videos on free platforms like YouTube, so you think that’s a viable option. It really isn’t.

For starters, many of your videos are likely for employees’ eyes only, and the security on free platforms isn’t that strong. Additionally, free platforms often insert advertisements before and sometimes even during your videos. These ads can ruin the whole experience for viewers with distraction, and compliance training isn’t something you really want to interrupt.

How Viostream Can Help

Viostream is a powerful tool that helps you organize, secure, and analyze your compliance training video examples. The cloud-based app features a dashboard interface and will never show ads during your videos. Instead, with Viostream, you can meaningfully engage your audience with call-to-action capabilities and understand that engagement with Viostream analytics and reports. Try a free trial today.

Stuart Auld
Stuart Auld (Head of Infrastructure) is a multi-disciplinary engineer with broad-ranging experience at executive level delivering operational best practice across customer engagement, technology, change management and process improvement.
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