Feb 27, 2024

Five strategies to convince IT that you need a new video platform

Convincing your IT team about the necessity of adopting a new video platform can be a challenging but essential endeavor. To effectively navigate the tech-talk and garner support for your proposal, it is crucial to understand and address the concerns of IT professionals. This guide outlines five strategic approaches to persuading IT on the need for a new video platform, ensuring a collaborative discussion that aligns with organizational goals. 

1. Emphasize Scalability

Hosting video internally can cause enormous headaches including increased network traffic and gateway bandwidth, possibly resulting in widespread network degradation and outages. Showcase how the new video platform aligns with the company's growth trajectory, accommodating increasing video content demands without compromising performance. A third party cloud-based video provider alleviates the weight and maintenance of your own video servers and allows a platform like Viostream to do the heavy lifting for you with unlimited growth capability.

2. Showcase Enhanced Security Features

Security is of paramount concern for any business or organization. The security landscape is rapidly changing, with new threats emerging on a near-daily basis. Any new platform that you bring into the business will need to demonstrate how it provides enhanced security measures and provides top quality protection that you can trust. Demonstrating how the proposed platform aligns with industry standards and regulations will remove hurdles during the IT assessment process.

3. Demonstrate Integration Capabilities

Highlight the seamless integration capabilities of the new video platform with existing IT infrastructure. Emphasize how it can effortlessly sync with other tools and applications, minimizing disruptions and streamlining workflow. A good video platform will allow you to manage your content the way you need to, including API based controls and systems that your IT team can set up for your specific needs.

4. Quantify Return on Investment (ROI)

Present a clear and quantifiable ROI for the new video platform. Outline potential cost savings, efficiency gains, and improved productivity. Provide concrete data on how the investment aligns with the company's financial goals, including benefits gained by saving time and money on maintaining non-core internal systems.

5. Collaborate on Vendor Selection

Involve your IT expert in the vendor selection process. Seek their input on technical specifications, compatibility, and any specific requirements. Collaboration fosters a sense of ownership and ensures that the chosen video platform aligns seamlessly with IT standards and practices. Get in touch with the sales team of a video hosting platform to book a call and bring one of your IT managers along to outline those technical questions.

Reach Out to Your IT Team

Effectively persuading IT on the need for a new video platform requires a strategic approach that addresses their concerns and aligns with organizational goals. If you are not aware of your organization's specific IT requirements, the first step is to sync up with your IT team and outline key points on what IT needs. Collaborative discussions and a clear understanding of IT priorities will pave the way for successful implementation and enhanced video capabilities within your organization.

Stuart Auld
Stuart Auld (Head of Infrastructure) is a multi-disciplinary engineer with broad-ranging experience at executive level delivering operational best practice across customer engagement, technology, change management and process improvement.
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