Corporate Training Videos Examples

Corporate Training Videos Examples

Time and time again, research has shown that videos are perhaps the most powerful and effective way to teach people—including when training teams at work. Using videos to teach helps boost retention, which is a common problem in corporate settings.

Corporate training videos are a great choice because they not only help introduce company culture and personality to your trainees right away, they also help you cut down on training costs. You only have to spend time and money creating the training video once instead of having live training sessions with an employee who must step away from their own work every time a new hire arrives.

You can use corporate training videos to onboard new employees. You can also use them to teach new skills, educate about a company's culture and mission, and so much more. The best corporate training videos do all of the above—and they are engaging and pretty, too.

If you are considering corporate training videos for your team, check out the list of sample training videos below. These videos get the job done and could serve as models for any training video you'd want to make.

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Metro Email Service by EY's Compliance Training Videos

EY's Metro Email program trained their staff about the importance of complying with all safety rules and regulations by utilizing the power of storytelling. They accomplished this by personifying security issues in the videos. For example, the cyber threats were annoying delivery people who kept sneezing (aka delivering "viruses").

It was the engaging and familiar format that hooked the audience, demanded their attention, and delivered a powerful lesson that could have otherwise been complicated or too technical.

Burger King's Snoop Dogg Training Video

Another excellent training video that worked because it was fun and engaging, radiating with personality, is the training video Burger King created featuring hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg. BK produced the video when they introduced a hot dog to their menu and used it to teach employees about what the hot dog was, what ingredients it had, and how to assemble it.

This video worked because it used star power. Team members wanted to watch it simply because it had Snoop Dogg. It was also genuinely entertaining, featuring Snoop Dogg's legendary wordplay and rhymes. Making the video entertaining was a smart way to ensure employees watched the whole thing.

Ikea's 360 Degree Training Video

Ikea took video training one step further with a 360-degree corporate training video. To make the video, the company hired a virtual reality (VR) video production company to film 360-degree video in a real-life Ikea in Taastrup, Denmark. Videos were captured from the perspective of managers in sales and in logistics, then edited together and implemented into a training program using VR goggles. Trainees were able to fully immerse themselves in the experience, learning what it feels like to spend a day in their future employment position.

The VR aspect of the video made training scenarios incredibly lifelike, and in turn, the training was incredibly effective. Once training was completed, employees already knew what it would feel and look like to spend a day in their position.

How Viostream Can Help With Your Corporate Training Videos

If you want to use corporate training videos to onboard or teach your team, Viostream can help. We are one of the world's leading video platforms for businesses. With Viostream, you can publish and store all your video content in one place in the cloud so your team can access and watch it wherever and whenever they need to, as long as they are connected to the Internet.

With Viostream, you can rely on a branded company training library or video LMS that helps create a team of knowledgeable, committed, and dependable employees. By using a corporate training video library like Viostream, you can cut down on the resources required for training and make sure every new hire goes through the same training process. Everyone will be on the same page and able to work cohesively as a group.

If you want to see how Viostream can help improve your corporate training videos, try our free trial today. You can get a sense of all of Viostream's standout features and the different ways you can harness the power of video to grow your business.

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