Why Do Customer Service Teams Need Training Videos?

Why Do Customer Service Teams Need Training Videos?

Today, regardless of industry, companies of all sizes are doing business in a highly competitive marketplace. Brands must now go the extra mile to ensure their customer base is satisfied or risk losing customers to their competitors. So, it goes without saying that customer service is a fundamental component of business success. This is evidenced by the fact that studies show 86% of customers say they'll go from one-time clients to long-term brand champions if they receive great customer service from a brand.

Excellent customer service also does more than attract customers. It can also help protect your business and enable you to maintain a strong customer base. In the case of a snafu, 78% of customers say they'll continue to do business with a company that offers excellent customer service, even after that company has made a mistake.

So, how do you ensure your business consistently offers excellent customer service? One essential step is offering high-quality customer service training for teams. There are many types of customer service training, but one of the most powerful ways to train your service professionals is by using customer service training videos.

What Are Customer Service Training Videos?

Training videos are videos with learning content designed to train users on a topic or method. For the specific purpose of training your customer service team to provide exceptional service, customer service training videos deliver engaging content that helps you build a strong, skilled team of customer service professionals.

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Benefits of Customer Service Training Videos

Customer service training videos are convenient and cost-effective for your business because they allow you to use the same resources for training each time you need to train someone new. They also allow you to train someone remotely even if they don't work in the same office while boosting trainee engagement and increasing the chances learners remember the lessons.

When you create a customer service training video, you only have to make that video one time. You can then publish and store it to be reused each time a new team member joins the ranks. This means a customer service team member need not take time from their regular schedule to train a new employee. Instead, your team can spend their time and attention focused on what really matters: making sure your customers feel happy and supported.

Boost Retention

Studies show that when people are asked to learn something from a video rather than reading it, they are more likely to remember what they learned. So, if you want to ensure that you really hammer home the lessons your customer service team should walk away with, customer service training videos are a smart strategy. Make your lessons linger longer in people's minds—and make a greater impression on learners—when they're delivered via video rather than a training manual or a lecture-based lesson. Learn more when you download our free e-book on Video for Training, Learning, and Development.

Model Customer Interactions

One of the crucial parts of a customer service team member's job is dealing with clients or customers politely, patiently, and effectively. It's one thing to describe an appropriate customer interaction on paper, and it's another to create a video modeling that interaction.

When you model customer interactions for your customer service team with customer service training videos, you can clearly demonstrate the right (and wrong) way to communicate with customers. This way, you can ensure that team members meet your standards when helping meet your customers' needs.

Customer service training videos allow you to model things like the best tone of voice used with customers on the phone, the facial expressions appropriate with customers in person, and phrases and explanations that can be useful and effective. Because video is a powerful modeling tool, it can serve as both an initial guide and a source to be referenced as customer service team members begin their journey with your customers.

Deepen Product Knowledge in Team Members

Besides customer service training videos, it can be beneficial to provide videos that showcase product demonstrations. These videos can be beneficial for teaching your customer service team how to use and troubleshoot products you may offer. This is especially important for customer service training: The more thoroughly your customer service team understands how your offerings work, the better they can explain the offerings to customers who need help.

Seeing a product in action in a video is a clearer way to learn about it than reading about how to use it in a manual or via online instructions. If your team truly understands your products inside and out, they can be a more helpful resource for your customers, and your company can provide valuable, reliable information to those who need it. Improve your customer service training video program with a trusted video platform like Viostream. Start a free trial with us today.

In Conclusion

If you want to have a winning customer service team, creating effective customer service training videos could be an essential tool you can use to teach your staff more effectively. For a platform that can help you seamlessly deliver videos to the team members who need to watch them, consider using a robust, feature-rich, business-oriented platform like Viostream.

Viostream is one of the world's leading video hosting and management platforms for enterprise and government organizations. The platform offers a centralized location to publish customer service training videos and a place where team members can access the videos—no matter where they are located—as long as they have an internet connection.

Viostream can help save time and money when training customer service teams because you create and reuse training videos for each new team member. You don't need to deliver live, in-person training or create new videos each time someone joins the team.

Start your free trial today and explore all your video possibilities.

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