5 Remote Employee Training Best Practices You Need to Know

5 Remote Employee Training Best Practices You Need to Know

Research shows that 92% of people expect to work from home at least one day every week, while 80% expect to work from home at least three days. Whether you have a fully remote workforce or use a hybrid working model, you probably need to train at-home employees--and get the same results as if you were training them in the office.

Remote employee training can reach your teams wherever they are in the world. With the latest technologies, you can improve learning and development and help employees garner new skills, even if they can't come into the workplace. Here are some remote employee training tips.

Create a Community

For remote employee training to succeed, all team members need access to the same learning resources and information. One way to share information quickly is to create a community on a platform like Slack or Trello, where employees can communicate with training managers and each other. Here, you can share presentations, checklists, worksheets, and audio transcripts for training videos. You can also link to online resources about topics you have covered in your training. Creating a community can improve communication and encourage remote employees to immerse themselves in your training program.

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Use Video

Video is one of the most powerful tools for remote employee training. Research shows 90% of workers have used video to learn information at their current place of work, and nearly 70% prefer video over text documents when training. You can either live stream learning content to remote employees or share pre-recorded videos about training topics.

Video is so effective because it increases learner engagement and knowledge retention. It can also be an easy way to target large teams with information when away from the office.

Viostream is an enterprise-level video platform for remote employee training. You can upload, share, and track on-demand content to make your remote training programs more accessible to teams working from home. Viostream's video portal feature lets you keep training videos about a particular topic in one place, allowing remote employees to access the content they need quickly.

Learn more about video management Viostream here, or start your free trial now.

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Use a Learning Management System

A learning management system, or LMS, is a program that centralizes all your learning resources so you can document and automate training-related tasks and develop better educational outcomes for your remote employees. This software helps you manage lessons, deliver courses, and provide feedback for any assignments or tests you require employees to complete.

The best video platforms for remote employee training integrate with your favorite LMS, helping you improve your training activities.

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Incorporate Microlearning into Your Courses

Microlearning is a learning method that could prove popular with remote employees. That's because it focuses on small chunks of information, helping teams gain knowledge in the quickest possible timeframe.

Research shows that microlearning can reduce the "cognitive overload" that some learners experience with traditional learning methods. It can also improve recall and knowledge retention and motivate remote employees when learning new topics.

Track Your Remote Employee Training

Analytics tools can help you measure the success of your training programs. You can discover what content resonates with employees and what doesn't, then use this information to make your training even more interactive and immersive in the future.

Viostream's video analytics tools monitor your training and development content, so you can gather insights about engagement, heat maps, view count, and other metrics. All this information is available on a dashboard-style interface, making it easy to interpret remote employee training data. Viostream also lets you export data to third-party business intelligence (BI) tools like Looker and PowerBI, helping you generate even more intelligence about your campaigns. You can even use a graphic engagement meter that identifies low-engagement content. Discover Viostream's video analytics features.

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By following these remote employee training best practices, you can increase the success of your learning initiatives when teams are away from the office. Consider creating a learning community, using video, investing in a learning management system, incorporating microlearning into your courses, and tracking training programs so you can engage with employees on a deeper level.

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