What Are Corporate Learning Management Systems?

What Are Corporate Learning Management Systems?

Technology delivered online training to remote teams during the COVID-19 pandemic, spearheading a digital communication revolution. But as some employees return to the office, this technology could be here to stay. Nearly 90 percent of employees want training available anytime and anywhere they need to work, while 85 percent want to incorporate training times into their schedules.

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Corporate learning management systems can help employers fulfill these needs. These programs provide teams with online learning content, allowing employees to develop new skills and acquire knowledge wherever they are and on a schedule that fits their needs.

But is there an alternative for remote training?

Below, learn more about corporate learning management systems and why a video platform such as Viostream might be better for achieving your learning objectives.

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What Are Corporate Learning Management Systems?

Corporate learning management systems (LMSs) provide your employees with access to online learning materials, typically text documents and other files. Employees download the software, log in to the program and view resources about various training topics. Some LMSs allow you to track employees as they read through documents. Others let you provide feedback to teams through the system.

There are two 'sides' of an LMS:

  • The admin interface, where managers or trainers upload course materials and provide feedback to users.
  • The user interface, where employees access all your training documents.

Some of the most popular corporate learning management systems include:

  • TalentLMS: A cloud-based platform that lets employers communicate with remote teams wherever they are in the world. Features include gamification, education delivery and course management.  
  • SAP Litmos: An LMS that can improve compliance by providing learning and development materials in a central hub. It includes pre-built learning courses and templates.
  • Cornerstone Learning: An AI-powered LMS that tracks employees as they progress through training modules. Users can personalize the software according to their learning requirements.  

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Download our Video For Training, Learning and Development ebook for tips on how to add video components to your on-the-job training program.
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What Can You Use Corporate Learning Management Systems For?

You can use a corporate LMS to train employees about topics relevant to their roles and responsibilities in your organization. This software is valuable if you have remote teams in different places who can't attend training in a physical location.

Corporate learning management systems also prove beneficial when onboarding new employees. You can upload text documents about your corporate culture, company policies, compliance procedures and health and safety protocols.

An LMS is great for keeping all your learning and development materials in one easily-accessible location. Instead of sending documents to employees by email or mail, you can upload all resources to an LMS and free up time and resources.

Of course, the most effective way to use your LMS is to integrate video into your training and onboarding processes. As a leading video hosting platform for enterprises, Viostream works with most learning management systems to provide easy, hassle-free access for your learners. To see how Viostream works with your LMS, start your free trial today.

Drawbacks of Corporate Learning Management Systems

Corporate learning management systems only support text documents, so employees can't access any audio-visual resources. If you want to send videos to your teams, you'll have to purchase another type of program. Even if an LMS supports video files, it won't have the capability to handle various file formats. Furthermore, employees could experience problems with playback quality and usability dependent on the strength of their Internet connection.

Research shows that 94 percent of teachers who use videos find video learning effective and better than text-based teaching methods. That's because the human brain processes visuals faster than text. Another study suggests that viewers remember 95 percent of information when watching a video compared to 10 percent when reading text. This means that a top-quality corporate LMS can still benefit from the addition of a professional video hosting platform.

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How Viostream Can Help

Viostream is a video hosting platform that makes it easy to achieve your learning and development goals. You can host and share video modules for new and existing employees and improve your training strategies.

Some of Viostream's most beneficial features for corporate training include:

  • Dedicated video portals: Create unique video playlists for different employees or teams with a few clicks of a button.
  • Improve compliance: Secure video playlists so only the right people can access your learning materials.
  • Increase watchability: Enhance videos with the latest audio and video playback technology to retain attention and minimize frustration.
  • Increase accessibility: Add subtitles, audio descriptions and closed captions to videos and improve the viewing experience for all employees.
  • Track progress: Discover whether employees watch your videos and fulfill your training requirements with viewer actions and logs.
  • Advanced analytics: Generate metrics about online video training, such as engagement scoring and viewing patterns.
  • Video embeds: Incorporate training videos into your website or elsewhere on the Internet.

Viostream provides an alternative to corporate learning management systems. Make your online training more visual with the number-one enterprise-level video platform and start your 14-day risk-free trial today.

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