Use Employee Training Videos to Build Unbeatable Teams

Use Employee Training Videos to Build Unbeatable Teams

When it comes to the success of your company, there's one aspect of your organization that really matters—your team. You can have the best ideas, great managers, and spectacular equipment, but if you don't have a great workforce getting the work done day in and day out, your success level will be limited.

Because your employees are so important, the training process they undergo in order to learn how to work at your organization is just as important. So are employee training videos, which are the best way for you to show your team members how to operate at your company, function as a unit, and uphold all of your company values.

Employee training videos are not just important because they sharpen company-specific tools. Good companies use training as an opportunity to demonstrate how much they care about their team members. Companies that don't provide regular training—especially with video--are demonstrating that they are not concerned with their employees' growth or advancement.

In this article you will learn about why these videos are essential and why it's important to host employee training videos in a private library.

Employee Training Videos Boost Retention

No matter who they are or where they are working, employees can have a hard time learning and remembering everything about their company. Not only do they need to know names and faces, but also products, systems, locations of items, how to operate machinery, and more. Because there is so much to remember when training, you want to do your best to help enable your employees to retain as much information as they can while they learn.

Research has shown that videos boost people's ability to retain information while learning. If you want to shorten training time and really make sure the lessons are sinking in for good, it's important that you rely on employee training videos.

Employee Training Videos Communicate the Culture of a Company

Obviously, knowing how to perform the tasks of a job is important. But, if you really want an employee who is devoted to your cause and well-versed in your mission, instructing the on the company culture is crucial, especially when it's a new employee going through the onboarding process.

Getting the culture of the company also allows employees to bond with the team, understand the language and tone, and really feel like they fit in while they are at work. Because videos are visual and audio media, they can offer a well-rounded look at the culture of a company. They can also be made accessible, so people who have a visual or audio impairment can still take advantage of the power of video content in order to get a real sense of what it feels like to work at an organization.

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Employee Training Videos Are Easy to Access and Use

Essentially, employee training videos save your company money. Make them once, then you can upload them to a central library, and new hires can use them again and again. If videos are stored in the cloud via a tool like Viostream, then trainees can learn from anywhere, whether they are remote or haven't made it into the office yet. Employee training videos make the training process as easy and stress-free as it can possibly be.

Need to Organize Your Employee Training Videos? Viostream Can Help

Viostream is one of the world's leading platforms for video—especially when it comes to enterprise. Businesses use Viostream for all sorts of purposes, but one of the most important is for hosting their online employee training videos.

Helping your team members continue their learning ensures that they stay motivated, onboard with your mission, devoted to your cause, and skilled at what you do. With Viostream, you can put all of your employee training videos in one cloud-based location. Employees can access those videos, no matter where they are in the world as long as they have an Internet connection. Viostream has all the features your company needs to keep your videos safe and accessible, with excellent security features and responsive players that will ensure your video plays well and looks good no matter what devices someone is watching it on.

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Stuart Auld
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