How to Create an Internal Communication Plan That Works for Your Business

How to Create an Internal Communication Plan That Works for Your Business

For a company that wants to build a strong team and maintain high morale and productivity, effective internal communication is key. It's not just important how you market to the outside world — it's also important for business leaders to be intentional about how they relay messages to the people they work with, day in and day out. However, most businesses don't have an internal communication plan; in fact, studies show that more than 60% of companies don't have a long-term strategy when it comes to communicating with their teams.

If you want to ensure you communicate well internally, and keep morale high, read on. You can learn how to develop an internal communication plan that works for your business. The following tips can help ensure that the way you communicate bonds your team and strengthens loyalty, and that you are regularly working to ensure your employees feel like they are being kept in the loop and that their voices are heard.

Get Clear About Goals

Do you want to boost team morale? Do you want to make sure you send out communications at a specific interval? Do you want to set up a certain chain of command when it comes to relaying messages and ideas? Whatever you decide you want your internal communication plan to achieve, it is important to settle on a goal or two right from the beginning.

Also, consider making gathering employee feedback a central goal of your communications. You want to ensure your employees are both engaging with your messages and responding to you so the conversation is two-sided, and not just from the top-down. You can measure the success of this goal by gauging how many employees respond to your communications over time.

Being clear about your aims will ensure you are meeting them when you evaluate whether your plan is working or not.

Don't Overlook Video When Developing Your Internal Communication Plan

If you want to build a powerful internal communication plan that works, one important element to focus on is video. Video isn't just a tool to be used for advertising. It's also a means for better communication within your team. There are many ways that video can be used in your internal communication plan, including when you send out newsletters to team members or when making company announcements. Sharing regular news with team members is important to keep your employees aligned with company leadership. However, rather than simply send out written news, have company leaders send out videos of themselves explaining events and updates.

Allowing team members to see their leaders' faces sharing news can help create empathy for team managers and help employees get on board with new ideas. You should also use video internally to communicate company values via a company values or mission video, and you should also use video for employee training since it's a powerful way to help new workers learn.

When using video internally, make sure you use a video tool that is appropriate for a professional setting. Public video platforms like YouTube don't necessarily offer the privacy and protection you need in order to keep your internal video content safe and accessible only by people on your team. A business-centric hosting platform is a better choice when using video for team communications.

Choose Tools That Facilitate Communication

You will need to rely on digital tools for communication internally. Make sure you choose tools that help you reach your team members in the right way. If you want to set up automated emails or company newsletters or social media posts for internal, private social media pages, make sure you find a tool that can help you with scheduling and take posting work off your plate. Do you want to share videos with your team regularly? Make sure you pick a platform that makes capturing, storing, and sharing video easy. Your tech tools should enable your internal communication plan and not become a headache that makes the process more complicated or labor-intensive.

Evaluate Whether Your Plan Is Working

Once your roll out your internal communication plan, don't just assume that it's doing what you need it to. You should regularly evaluate and make certain the plan is helping you meet your goals. You can look at data like email open rates, link clicks, survey responses, and more to see if your efforts are actually landing the right way with your team. Also, you should check video analytics to see how people are engaging with the content you send via video. Of course, checking in with team members in person is a great way to ensure morale is high and people feel included. Make sure to regularly evaluate your internal communication plan and tweak it if your efforts aren't as powerful as you'd hoped.

How Viostream Can Help You With Your Internal Communication Plan

If you want to create an internal communication plan that works for your business, consider using Viostream as a tool to help. Viostream is one of the world's leading video platforms that allows you to broadcast live events, improve employee training, and organize and manage your company videos — all in one place. With Viostream, you can rely on the power of the cloud for video storage, so your videos can be accessed by your team members wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection.

To learn more about how Viostream can help you strengthen your business, check out our Product page today. If you want to hear how our product can benefit your company specifically, reach out to our support team. Our experts can help you decide which of our plans can help your company thrive and grow both inside and out.

Brendan Sas
Brendan Sas
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Brendan Sas is a digital designer and creator based in Sydney, Australia.
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