Jun 1, 2022

How Do Video Analytics Platforms Work, and How Do They Help?

There is no doubt that companies that want to succeed today need to be using videos. Videos draw people in because they deliver information in a familiar, attention-holding, aesthetically-pleasing, narrative format. Videos are also a great way to keep people engaged at work and videos provide a budget-friendly way to teach employees or onboard new hires without asking staff to take time away from their daily tasks.

To ensure your videos are performing the way you want them to, you need to monitor that performance through video analytics. But how do video analytics platforms work? By revealing basic statistics about your videos, these platforms ensure each video is doing its job, or provide insight into how you can tweak your content for better results.

How do video analytics platforms work? Here's some basic guidance to understanding them and why your company should be using one.

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The Basics of a Video Analytics Platform

If you've asked: how do video analytics platforms work? in terms of technology, they can be complex and hard to understand. To see how they can help power your business and help you grow, it's helpful to know the basics.

Video analytics is a type of technology that measures how people on the internet are engaging with your videos. The most basic answer to how do video analytics platforms work is that each platform has the technology to measure a variety of data points about the videos that are being played on that platform. Video analytics platforms are helpful because they can show you how and where your video is succeeding. They can also show you where your video is falling short.

By understanding how video analytics platforms do work and using video analytics to measure the success of your video, you can tweak the aspects of your video content that are not performing as well as you'd like them to. If videos are intended for internal consumption at your organization, you can track the performance of the videos with team members, reach out to those who are consuming videos the way you expected, and determine how you can change the content or delivery of the videos for better impact.

If you've wondered, "how do video analytics platforms work," and you want to see a video platform that offers best-in-class analytics? Start your free trial with Viostream today. Viostream can help you glean insights into who is watching your video, when, and for how long—and it can also give you a ton of other metrics. Viostream gives you a sense of how your video is doing, allowing you to further harness the power of video and grow stronger teams.

Common Metrics Measured by a Video Analytics Platform

For a deeper understanding of how do video analytics platforms work, it helps to understand the metrics these platforms are measuring. A video analytics platform will usually offer insights into the following numbers or statistics:

  • Average Duration of Views. How do video analytics platforms work? They show you metrics that measure how successful your video is compared to how you thought it would be. Average duration of views is metric shows you how long the average person has spent watching each video. This can reveal whether someone is watching the entirety of the video or whether they are dropping off and leaving the video at some point in the middle of it.
  • Watch Time. Watch time doesn't just measure or show how long one viewer has viewed the video. Instead, watch time shows the total amount of time that the video has been in front of people's eyes. This can be important if your video is on a public platform like YouTube, since the site's ranking algorithm gives more weight to videos that have been watched for a longer time.
  • Average Completion Rate. Are your team members or customers watching your video until the very end and letting the video actually complete within the player? This metric within your video analytics platform will tell you on average how many people actually get to the final frame of your video. This can be useful if you have an internal training video or internal comms video that has important information up until the very end and you want to make sure people are consuming the entire lesson.
  • Re-Watches. Your video analytics platform likely shows you how many people watch a video more than once. If you have a training or development video, it can be good to see how many people are watching it more than once to really digest the information. If you are using videos for marketing, you may be able to tell how many people are finding the content informative or entertaining enough to watch it twice.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR). How do video analytics platforms work? They don't just show you how people engage with your actual video. They also show the behaviors people complete during and after watching. Do you have a link in your video to click through to another website? Maybe it's your company homepage or a landing page for a product. This metric shows you how many people actually click the link, implying when and where your video has reached the height of effectiveness.

Why Choose Viostream as Your Video Analytics Platform

How do video analytics platforms work? They give your business the data you need to make sure the videos you've created are reaching their goals.

If your business is ready to harness the power of video to grow, or you want to improve the performance of videos you already have, Viostream can help. Viostream is one of the leading online platforms for enterprise videos who need to store, organize, manage, and share videos via an online video library.

Use Viostream to answer the question: how do video analytics platforms work? and to ensure that every one of your videos is maximizing its potential. If not, you can tweak the information within the video, who you are targeting with it, and more. Whether you want videos to power your employee learning and training system or you use online videos for marketing, Viostream is the platform that can help you ensure your videos are helping you reach your goals.

Ready to see if Viostream is the right video platform for you? Start your free trial today and see how Viostream performs as a video analytics platform for 14 days.

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