How to Improve Workplace Communication

How to Improve Workplace Communication

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Keeping employee morale high at your business is important. After all, teams that feel happy at work remain engaged and devoted to the cause of the organization. Employees that are unhappy become disengaged, unproductive and they often end up leaving the company, resulting in a high turnover rate. Research shows that disengaged employees with low morale often cost companies large amounts of money.

One important way to ensure that employee morale remains high at work? Improve workplace communications. Focus on open and consistent communication within teams and their managers.

Mastering workplace communications can be tough. However, there are some tips you can follow to make sure you're communicating in a way that makes everyone feel heard, that engages employees and that helps boost a sense of purpose and dedication within your team. Here are some of the most important. Check out our free e-book to learn about the best ways to train your employees and guide them towards their success.

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Have an Open Door, Open Ear Policy

One way to improve workplace communications: make communication easy, open and welcome at your office. Let your employees know that they can always come to talk to you by keeping your office door open as much as possible. Making communication a thing that feels welcome throughout the office sets up the precedent that everyone's feelings matter and that relationships can be built between all people within the organization. Fostering relationships by encouraging communication builds strong teams and strong teams perform better than those that don't feel bonded.

To Improve Workplace Communications Ask for (and Accept) Feedback

Workplace communications shouldn't just be about higher-ups communicating down the ladder. You should make your organization a place where everyone feels comfortable communicating—and where everyone's opinions or thoughts are considered and valued. As a manager or a boss, make sure you regularly ask for feedback from your team members and actually listen to that feedback—and implement changes based on it, if possible. When employees are heard and the things they communicate are put into place, they feel valued and are more on board with what your organization is trying to do.

Share News Regularly

To improve workplace communications, share news regularly (even daily) with your team members. When people at your organization feel left out of the loop or like they're not sure of important happenings at the company, they can also feel like they do not matter to you or the organization. Make sure that important updates are always intentionally delivered to your whole organization. You might even consider delivering a daily news update to everyone at the company so as to establish regular communication and keep everyone always informed.

Shares News in Video Form

If you are going to send out company news, don't just write a mass email or send out a message on a Slack channel. Instead, create news videos, where you make announcements or share stories. Send these videos to your team via email or on a central company library that people are directed to check daily. Sharing news in video form conveys your personality and is a good way to give yourself a more human, relatable presence. This can help create strong bonds between employers or managers and their team members.

Videos can be used in multiple ways to improve workplace communications beyond just delivering news at your company, including in company values videos organizational onboarding videos and training videos for staff.

How Viostream Can Help Improve Workplace Communications

Workplace communications are an essential ingredient for an engaged team. And an engaged team is an essential part of reaching financial success. Video is an important tool for communicating and it can be utilized in multiple ways to help set your teams up for success.

If you want a tool that can help you improve workplace communications, making them easier and more engaging, turn to Viostream. Viostream is one of the world's leading video platforms for businesses. With Viostream, you can regularly publish and share video communications with your team members. Those videos can be accessed from a central library stored in the cloud and watched from anywhere where an employee can connect to the Internet.

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