What is the Best Hybrid Work Technology for At-Home Teams?

What is the Best Hybrid Work Technology for At-Home Teams?

Forty-four percent of employees favor hybrid working arrangements that let them divide their time between the home and the office. If you plan to implement this working model in your organization, consider the many technologies that make the process easier. Here is the best hybrid work technology for your enterprise.

Document Management System

You need a safe space to manage and store all the documents you send to hybrid workers — tax forms, pay stubs, contracts, etc. A document management system such as eFileCabinet and SharePoint is a hybrid work technology that digitizes paper forms and lets you store digital documents such as PDFs and Word files in a secure database. Not only do these systems improve productivity, but you can boost compliance with data governance frameworks and safeguard sensitive information. The best document management systems come with access control features and search capabilities.

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Recruitment and Onboarding Tools

Your hybrid working model might involve recruiting and onboarding new employees remotely. Several tools help you achieve these goals, allowing you to communicate with job candidates and new recruits over the internet. You can also send onboarding materials and other resources online using this valuable hybrid work technology. Examples include eloomi, Looop, and Rippling.

Video Streaming Platform

Video is one of the most effective ways to communicate with remote teams. A good video streaming platform such as Viostream lets you live stream meetings, share internal videos, and engage with at-home workers who might not have access to resources in your office. Not all video streaming platforms are the same, however. You will want to choose an enterprise-level tool that offers enhanced security and video management features so you can optimize your internal video strategies.

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Viostream's enterprise-level video streaming platform helps you connect with employees working remotely and in the office. This reliable hybrid work technology comes with features such as branded video galleries, allowing you to share video collections quickly. You can also use access controls so only approved teams view your content. Other features include video embeds, live streaming, content governance, channel management, and social syndication.

Viostream is the number-one platform for enterprises that adopt hybrid working arrangements. Start your free trial now.

Hybrid Work Technology: Communication Platforms

Communication platforms help you reach out to remote workers wherever they are in the world. Tools like Slack, Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, and Discord provide you with a space to exchange messages, share documents and collaborate on projects.

Human Resources Software

With employees at home and in the office, human resources (HR) departments need to communicate with all team members and exchange essential information. The best HR software allows your organization to handle payroll, taxes, benefits administration, and other HR-related tasks no matter where employees are working. Examples include BambooHR, SAP SuccessFactors, and Workday.

Performance Management Tools

Performance management can be difficult when employees work from home. That's why you need a hybrid work technology that lets you assess remote teams like you would do in the workplace. These tools allow you to give and receive employee feedback and guide teams as they divide their time between their homes and your office. Examples include Leapsome and Monday.com.

Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) such as Moodle or Blackboard Learn lets you compile, administer, share and track learning resources with hybrid workers on training programs. An LMS provides program instructors with a way to deliver educational content to teams and provide feedback for any completed assignments. The best video streaming platforms integrate with LMSs so you can combine your video and learning content strategies.

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Video Analytics Tools

Video analytics tools like Viostream are a hybrid work technology that helps you track the videos you share with remote workers. You can learn which content grabs the attention of your audiences and turn low-engagement content into high-engagement content.

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Viostream gives you more flexibility over your video analytics data with a wide range of metrics and reports that track views, comments, and engagement. Viostream's graphic engagement meter, for example, discovers your most popular videos, providing you with real-time insights into your content strategies. You can also integrate Viostream with your favorite business intelligence (BI) platforms and generate even deeper insights about the people who watch and engage with your video content. Start your free trial now.

When looking for hybrid work technology, consider using some of the tools on this list. Technologies like document management systems and communication platforms can help improve productivity for remote workers, while a reliable enterprise-level video streaming platform lets you share video content with workers at home.

Viostream is a hybrid work technology that lets you manage and share video content and grow viewer engagement. Activate your Viostream free trial now and try the platform risk-free for 14 days.

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