How to Improve Employee Engagement Through Video

How to Improve Employee Engagement Through Video

Many people know about using videos for marketing. Video as a means of external communication and company promotion is popular. In fact, studies show that at least 87% of company marketers today utilize video as a means of marketing to the outside world. But did you realize that video can also be a powerful tool for internal communications?

There are many ways you can use video internally within your organization to help your team. Video can be used for news announcements to deliver a more personal touch when there are big stories to share. It can help improve employee training by showing clear, comprehensible lessons and product demonstrations. And videos are also a popular way to communicate the tone, vision, voice, and values of your company.

One of the best benefits of using video at your company is that it's a great way to boost your employee engagement. Videos have been shown to boost team morale and improve employee education. If you want to know how to improve employee engagement through video, read on. These are several ways your company can use videos to encourage participation at your organization and help build a stronger and more excited team.

Read more about internal communication best practices here.

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Send Out Daily or Weekly Video Newsletters

If you send out regular newsletters or emails to your company members, consider sending out video updates rather than written emails. News that is delivered via video has a personal touch. It helps forge a connection between you (the person in the video) and your team members who watch it. Delivering news via video featuring a person on screen creates empathy in your team members, which can ultimately increase positive emotions and loyalty in your employees and help increase engagement.

Turn to Video for Education

If you're wondering how to further increase employee engagement using video, one of the best steps to take is to make your learning process completely video-based. By using video in your learning management system (LMS), you can create lessons that work for both auditory and visual learners. This allows employees to study at their own speed and really internalize the lessons, which will improve their overall job performance in the long run.

Written lessons might work for some, but can be disengaging and tedious for others. When you use video, you infuse some creativity, fun, and excitement, which will make your employees want to engage in the educational process.

Introduce Team Members via Video

It can take a lot of time for someone new at a company to meet all of their colleagues face-to-face. It can take even longer for them to get a chance to get to know the personality of their colleagues. By creating employee videos that showcase the personality of each employee at your organization, and ones where each employee introduces a little bit about themselves, their job, their history, and their (relevant) interests, your team members can feel like they know their fellow teammates from the get-go, ultimately creating a strong team faster and facilitating stronger relationships. This can be especially helpful in the era of COVID, where, for many teams, remote work—and getting to know one another across long distances—is here to stay.

Use Videos for Recruiting

Another way to ensure you're building an engaged team is to recruit with videos. When you recruit with videos, you enable self-selection by offering a great sense of what it's like to work at your company, your brand voice and tone, and your office and culture. When you use videos for recruiting, you get more accurate at drawing in the people who actually want to be there and fit—and encourage self-elimination of candidates who aren't really a good match for your team. This can help ensure that people are engaged right off the bat.

How Viostream Can Help You Improve Employee Engagement

Videos are an incredibly powerful and effective tool for communicating with the world outside your company. They also work extremely well for boosting employee engagement within your organization. If you can boost engagement, you can improve morale, create a stronger team, and ultimately increase productivity and output. To learn more about the ways that Viostream can help you utilize video, check out our Product page for a look at our enterprise-focused solutions and how they can help you improve your internal engagement.

Some of the best features of Viostream to benefit your team includes:

  • Video conferencing
  • Live streaming for webinars, events, and meetings
  • Learning management for training videos and employee education
  • A central video library where all team members can access and share your videos no matter where they are located

If you want to learn even more about how Viostream benefits your company specifically, reach out to our support team. Our experts will explain how the platform fits your company and its goals, so you can start creating a stronger team and building your company so that it thrives and grows. Or, if you're ready to jump in, start your free trial now.

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