Jul 26, 2022

How Does Enhanced Content Increase The Conversion Rate of Your Website?

As the digital marketspace grows ever more competitive, brands need to develop new strategies to ensure prospective customers remain on their e-commerce sites and make a purchase. One such strategy is the use of enhanced content. By providing consumers with additional information and media related to products and services, brands achieve various goals that ultimately increase conversion rates.

Enhanced content and conversion rates go hand-in-hand — according to a Profitero report, adding enhanced content improves conversion rates by 15-58%. It’s also interesting to note that the biggest increase in conversion rates from enhanced content comes from adding videos on a page — we’ll talk more about that in a minute.

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What is Enhanced Content?

Before you can understand the relationship between enhanced content and conversion rates, you must first understand exactly what enhanced content is. Consider any product page on any e-commerce site. At the very least, you will be presented with a photo or two of the product and some text describing the product and its features. These basic features are considered the core content.

Enhanced content is any additional content on a page that tells a more complete story about the product. Examples of enhanced content include additional pictures that can be zoomed in and out, 3D models of the product, video content, customer reviews, technical details, downloadable PDFs, a FAQ section, comparison charts, and additional text content describing the features in a story-like narrative.

As mentioned above, video is one of the most effective types of enhanced content for conversion rates. That’s why over 90% of marketers now use video as their primary component in online marketing campaigns. It’s also why many brands use a professional, business-oriented video hosting and management platform like Viostream to share their video content. Using this cloud-based app helps you better connect with your audience and bring products to life. Try a free trial today.

Understanding the Relationship Between Enhanced Content and Conversion Rates

Adding enhanced content helps your product pages stand out by providing consumers with more information. Additionally, it gives the consumer a more rewarding shopping experience. So rewarding, actually, that a 2022 consumer research report, “How to Meet the Demands of Omnichannel Shoppers," reveals that the addition of enhanced content makes consumers 70% more likely to purchase the product.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into why enhanced content increases conversion rates such a significant amount. For starters, enhanced content tells a story, and people love stories. When you tell a story about a product where your brand messaging is prevalent, it helps your brand better relate to your customers. It also builds your brand image and fosters a stronger customer relationship.

But while brand storytelling is vitally important, it isn’t the only thing to focus on. That’s because hundreds of other brands are also attempting to capture consumer attention with their own brand stories. So, you’ve got to go even further to ensure that you are successful in increasing conversions with enhanced content.

Enhanced Content Strategies That Work

1) Visual Content

Strong visuals help to sell a product. Have you noticed an increased number of visuals on product pages lately? It isn’t by accident. Marketers have realized that visuals are a driving force of conversions. Videos, as we previously mentioned, are the most powerful visual element by far.

Even more noteworthy, the addition of videos also helps your pages rank higher in search results, since Google and other major search engines place a lot of importance on relevant video content. Additional visuals you could add to a page include installation images, 3D models, close-ups, lifestyle shots, and dimensions.

2) Charts

Comparison charts are another type of enhanced content increasing conversion rates. When you present consumers with a comparison chart of different models or variations of the same product, such as a barbecue grill that comes in various sizes, you provide consumers with the information they need in one spot. This enables them to quickly make an informed purchase decision.

3) Elements for SEO

Finally, enhanced content allows you to put a lot more search engine optimization content onto a page. This helps your result rankings and drives more traffic to your product pages. This is important because people searching for a product tend to be ready and willing to purchase that product fairly quickly. If a competitor page pops up higher in search engine results than your own page, that customer may never get the chance to learn about you. By optimizing your pages with enhanced content, you aren’t just appealing to the consumers that visit your pages, but also attracting more potential customers to your pages via increased visibility on search engines.

Getting Started With Enhanced Content to Improve Conversion Rates

Now that you know the importance of enhanced content to conversion rates, the next step is to start adding enhanced content to your product pages. There’s a lot to think about, especially when you offer many products. And while you don’t want to dismiss other types of enhanced content, conversion rates are highest when there is a video on the page.

Viostream is a simple but powerful tool that lets you manage, analyze, and maximize your video content in one place. When you use Viostream to host your videos, you benefit from unparalleled security and amazing analytics. And, unlike public hosting platforms like YouTube, Viostream will never show ads before, during, or after your videos. Instead, you’ll be able to meaningfully engage your audience with call-to-action capabilities and understand engagement with Viostream analytics dashboard and reports. Try a free trial and see how Viostream can help your brand build a better connection with your audience.

Brendan Sas
Brendan Sas is a digital designer and creator based in Sydney, Australia.
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