Why Video Marketing is So Powerful: The Benefits of Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing is So Powerful: The Benefits of Video Marketing

Traditional digital marketing has always relied upon cost-effective strategies such as SEO. Today, there is a new contender. Video marketing has emerged as a top performer in the suite of digital marketing tactics and is proving to be a critical component in any current successful online marketing campaign. So, why is video marketing so powerful? Because it delivers several benefits to both the consumers and your brand, resulting in a strong ROI.

Keep reading to see why video marketing is so powerful and why you must make it a primary component of your future digital marketing efforts.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a culmination of different strategies, each of which is designed for a specific purpose. Ultimately, video marketing strategies are implemented to promote a brand and its products or services to a target audience in an engaging manner.

While many brands choose to use free video hosting platforms such as YouTube to showcase their videos, many others are opting for professional, enterprise-grade video hosting and management platforms such as Viostream. Opting for such services offer even more benefits and help you make the most of your video marketing, increasing your chances of a successful marketing campaign.

When done correctly, video marketing serves to improve brand recognition, encourage prospective customers to continue along their online buying journey, and subsequently convert them to new, loyal customers, increasing sales and your customer base.

As a result, brands in all industries are quickly realizing why video marketing is so powerful and are striving to create memorable, informative, and entertaining videos to attract and retain the attention of their audience. They produce many different types of videos, including:

  • Product presentation videos
  • Commercials
  • Tutorials
  • Testimonials
  • Corporate branding films
  • Video interviews
  • Social Media Videos
  • Webinars

Why Video Marketing Is So Powerful

One of the main reasons why video marketing is so powerful is simply because it fulfills consumer wants and expectations. Today’s consumers prefer more engagement from the brands they choose to do business with. While a professional website and good products or services are also vitally important, using videos as a tool to engage the customer is also an important part of increasing sales and remaining competitive.

Consumers Prefer Videos

Have you noticed that Google and Yahoo! search results now include videos at the top of the page? There’s a good reason for that—more than 50 percent of consumers prefer to see videos from brands they are interested in. Moreover, combining video marketing with email marketing increases your click-through rate by over 300 percent.

Video Marketing Gives You a Stronger ROI

Over the years, more and more marketers are reporting a higher ROI when video marketing has been included in their marketing mix. And, as even more marketers realize why video marketing is so powerful, they are striving to better leverage the digital marketing strategy for its optimum potential.

By using a video hosting and management platform such as Viostream, marketers can better improve their chances of ensuring that videos reach their intended audience. Hosting videos on your website, rather than on a free hosting platform, can serve to help you increase organic search traffic by over 150 percent. Additionally, it significantly improves your chances of ranking on the first page of search results.

Videos Help Consumers Make Purchase Decisions

Another major reason why video marketing is so powerful is that videos help to improve lead conversion by 80 percent. Videos are more memorable than just text and can often serve to better showcase the features and benefits of a product or service. Consumers today are actively seeking information about the products they are interested in and will be more likely to watch a video than read a page of text. According to Forbes, 90 percent of customers state that a video influences their purchase decision.

More Benefits of Video Marketing

The above reasons should be enough to show you why video marketing is so powerful. But there are even more benefits that can be garnered by this online marketing strategy. For starters, video marketing serves to increase your online visibility. By appearing more in search engines and providing content that is engaging to your audience, you also serve to strengthen brand recognition and secure a foothold in a competitive marketplace.

Establish Your Brand as an Authority

Using informative videos that provide tutorials, answer questions about products and solve customer pain points, you can also build trust with your audience and establish your brand as an authority. Your audience will continue to come to you as a source for reliable information and serve to build a strong relationship with your customers.

Search Engines Place a Priority on Videos

As you’ve likely already seen, videos are pretty important to search engines. Videos will drive traffic to your website and, when hosting your videos via Viostream, you can ensure that your videos aren’t interrupted by ads or subject to security flaws inherent in free hosting platforms.

Mobile Users Love Videos

More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to search for information about products as well as purchase them. Over the last decade, mobile video viewing has increased by over 200 percent. Perhaps even more relevant than that particular statistic is that over 90 percent of mobile users share videos they like with others. That expands your marketing reach without any extra expenditure from you.

Video Marketing Doesn’t Have To Cost a Lot

While mobile devices make it easy for anyone to quickly produce a video, consumers prefer professional-appearing videos over amateurish content. The good news is it doesn’t cost too much to produce professional videos either. And, using a professional video marketing company to produce your videos saves you the trouble of having to purchase your equipment.

In Conclusion

So now that you’ve seen why video marketing is so powerful, the next step is to start producing your videos and find a platform to host them on. Viostream can help. Viostream is a business-oriented video platform designed especially for companies, helping them to create, manage and share videos. With advanced analytics and unparalleled security, Viostream is the optimal video hosting and management platform. Get your free trial today and see for yourself.

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