Is Professional Development Worth It? Learn Why It Is

Is Professional Development Worth It? Learn Why It Is

Professional development is the process through which employees at a company undertake learning and training to sharpen their existing skills and develop new talents and abilities. Professional development is sometimes called "upskilling" or "reskilling" by Harvard Business Review since it's the process by which company team members increase the number of skills they have. Professional development has been shown to be a very enjoyable opportunity by employees, and it's also proven to help them perform better at their jobs. Despite these perks, however, if you run a business, you might be wondering: is professional development worth it?

Professional development means investing money into the growth of each employee. It might mean paying for their certifications, courses, or higher education. Does this cost end up paying off in the long run?

Read on to learn the perks of the professional development process and see why the answer to the question "is professional development worth it?" is a resounding yes.

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Is Professional Development Worth it? What Professional Development Entails

Before you can answer the question is professional development worth it? it's important to understand what professional development is. Professional development can take on a lot of forms, but it is always a process by which you help the employees at your organization develop into more skilled and more able professionals. Here's a list of activities that may count as professional development:

  • Leadership training
  • Higher education such as graduate school or advanced degrees
  • Specialized certifications
  • Skills trainings
  • Mentorship
  • Added responsibilities within a company
  • Allowing employees to launch new initiatives at a company unrelated to their job (i.e. a volunteer program, a book club, etc.)
  • Regular job skills training provided by live instrcutors or via a video library
  • Events such as webinars, seminars, conferences, conventions, meetings, or retreats
  • Networking opportunities

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Is Professional Development Worth It? The Benefits for Your Company

Professional development can be a lot of things. Based on what you choose to offer at your company, the cost can range greatly. However, no matter what kind of professional development opportunities you offer on the job, it is likely that these opportunities are going to pay off. Here are some of the best benefits of professional development and why the answer is always "yes" when you ask, "Is professional development worth it":

  • Boosted Employee Morale. The majority of employees cite professional development opportunities as the most important perk offered at their job.
  • Better Productivity. An byproduct of improved morale can result in team members that are more focused and efficient in their duties.
  • Highly Skilled Workforce. Professional development helps give employees skills they didn't have prior to the training or helps sharpen skills they already have.
  • Improved Retention Rates. Professional development opportunities help keep employees happy, and happier employees are more likely to stay at a company.
  • Stronger Relationships. Participating in development together can strengthen the connection between all of your team members, especially between bosses/managers and employees they oversee.
  • Stay Competitive. Offering coveted perks like development opportunities gives you the ability to remain competitive with other companies in your industry and to continue to attract top talent.
  • Network Expansion. Professional development can create an expanded network of potential colleagues, customers, clients, and collaborators for your organization.
  • Succession Plan. People in lower positions at the company can prepare to move into higher positions with the right training.
  • Improved Reputation. Upskilling your current staff and adding adequately trained new employees can improve your standing as a leader in your industry.

Is Professional Development Worth It? How Viostream Can Help Professional Development Efforts Pay Off

Professional development is proven to be a worthwhile endeavor for both employees and businesses. If you want to undertake a professional development program that relies on video, you may want to consider using Viostream as a tool to help.

Viostream offers organizations a cloud-based video library where you can store all your organizational videos, and team members can access these videos anywhere they have an internet connection. Features like the ability to livestream video in real-time and the capacity to integrated with a virtual learning management system (LMS) are included with most plan levels.

Want to see if Viostream is the right tool to help your professional development efforts? Start your free trial today. You can get a sense of what the platform offers you and how it can benefit your employees' and organization's growth.

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