How Video Can Enhance Employee Professional Development

How Video Can Enhance Employee Professional Development

Research from Lorman suggests 74% of workers are willing to re-train or develop skills to remain employable, underscoring the importance of professional development in the workplace. Professional development videos, in particular, can improve learning outcomes for employees, making them one of the most effective training methods out there. In this article, learn more about professional development videos and how you can use them to motivate, inspire, and educate your team members.

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Professional Development Videos Engage Employees

Research shows that employees prefer video learning to other training methods. In one study, 69% of employees say they would rather learn new skills from videos than from a document. That might be because videos draw an emotional response from learners, especially if content creators strike the right tone and convey a powerful message.

Videos for professional development can also help viewers better understand complex information about a topic and overcome any workplace-related challenges. Using a narrator to explain abstract concepts in professional development videos, for example, can resonate with audiences more than black-and-white text.

Creating high-quality professional development videos is just the first step of your organizational learning and development strategy. The next step is making sure your content has a positive impact to your employees' professional development. Using an enterprise-level cloud-based video management platform like Viostream can help you track the performance of your visual learning content and discover which videos your employees engage with the most. With Viostream's graphic engagement meter, you can see a visual and numerical representation of how your videos impact your employees across devices and locations. Use this knowledge to replace low-engagement content with high-engagement videos and revolutionize professional development in your business.

To learn more about Viostream's engagement measure tools, start your free trial now.

Employees Retain More Information from Professional Development Videos

Videos don't just engage employees compared to other mediums; they also result in better information retention. In one study, employees remembered 9% more information a week after watching a video and 83% more information six months later compared to traditional training methods. This suggests that videos boost both short- and long-term information retention.

But why?

Perhaps people remember more facts from videos because 90% of information sent to the brain is visual. Moreover, the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than regular text. All of that can lead to better professional development outcomes.

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Professional Development Videos Are Cost-Effective

When done properly, it can be more budget-conscious to create professional development videos than to host in-person training events. That's because employees don't need to come into the office or visit a training center, and you don't need to reimburse their travel expenses. You also won't need to pay to rent a venue or provide food and beverages for employees. One study suggests that companies save between 50-70% when replacing in-person instructor-based learning with online learning.

Video training also doesn't need an expensive instructor to teach several groups of employees. Once you have created professional development videos, you can use them for years and target multiple employees. Over time, you can build a video library that contains all of your training content in one place, providing team members with quick and easy access to learning materials.

Videos Provide More Flexibility for Employees

Professional development videos can be more valuable than in-person training because audiences can access content wherever they are in the world. Live streams, for example, allow you to engage with remote employees who want to brush up on their personal development skills.

On-demand training videos, on the other hand, let employees view your content at a time that best suits them. Pre-recording and uploading content to a video streaming platform removes time zone communication barriers because this content is always available. In the emerging world of hybrid and remote-only workforces, on-demand access to resources will soon become a requirement to keep your business running as efficiently as possible.

Viostream provides even more flexibility with its range of video-sharing and management features that benefit both enterprises and team members. The platform offers both live streaming and a place to share on-demand content, allowing you to maximize your content management strategy and drive personal development goals. You can also improve engagement and connectivity during live streams with live chat, quizzes, surveys, polls, and Q&As through Viostream's third party integrations with apps like Slido and Pigeonhole Live. Other features include video embeds, social sharing, branded video galleries, and world-class security.

In Conclusion

Professional development videos are perhaps the most practical way for employees to learn new skills and overcome workplace challenges. You can use these videos to engage audiences, convey complicated concepts, save on training costs, and improve information retention. Employees can access pre-recorded videos for professional development from any location at any time and improve learning outcomes. Alternatively, you can broadcast live streams to provide employees with the learning resources they require.

Viostream provides you with a place to upload, share, manage, and track all your professional development videos. With features like real-time video analytics, branded video galleries, and video embeds, you can better meet the training needs of your employees and develop a more successful and educated workforce. Start your free 14-day Viostream trial now and optimize professional development in your organization.

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