May 19, 2022

Is Remote Work Here to Stay? How Companies Can Adapt

Remote work, where employees operate out of a home office instead of a communal place of business, became a necessity for many during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that Covid-19 is no longer as prevalent in many parts of the world, employees are returning to the office. This leaves many wondering, is remote work here to stay? Or was it just a trend of necessity?

The overall work environment and the hybrid workspace are in a state of flux. Many employees that had never worked remotely before found they not only liked it, but that their overall productivity improved. Others are happy to return to the office where they thrive more in a busy environment, rather than in a home full of distractions.

So is remote work here to stay?

According to several major publications and media outlets, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and NPR, the answer is a resounding yes. And they aren’t the only ones who think so. When asked is remote work here to stay, data scientists at Ladders stated that 25% of all professional jobs in the United States will be remote by the end of 2022. Perhaps a more startling statistic is that 55% of remote workers said they would quit their jobs if their employers required them to return to the office.

It's clear that companies must continue to adapt to either a hybrid office model or a fully remote workforce, depending on the industry. Thankfully, today’s ever-advancing technology has facilitated much of this transition. For example, video hosting and management platforms make it easy for employers to share training videos and other important content with remote workers.

For those wondering, is remote work here to stay--you can easily see how many more companies can manage a remote workforce when using business-oriented platforms and other useful applications. The key to remote worker success is essentially providing remote workers with the information and training they need in an accessible and engaging manner.

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Is Remote Work Here to Stay? What Employers Think

Ask an employer, is remote work here to stay? and you may receive a different answer. While many employers have embraced the remote work concept or evolved into hybrid offices, many others see the “end” of the pandemic as a signal for workers to come back to the office. While some employers are open to the idea of flexibility, others are insistent that workers remain in-office workers on a full-time basis.

As expected, and as evidenced by the statistic mentioned earlier, there has been a lot of pushback from employees. This has caused many employers and brands to give in to employee demands for flexibility, subsequently revising their position on remote workers despite their insistence that it was just a trend. The insistence, it appears, seems to mainly revolve around the employer’s concern for a loss of company culture. And they may be right--without daily access to in-person experiences and face-to-face connection, some employees can falter in their work.

But, in response to the question, is remote work here to stay, Johnny C. Taylor Jr., chief executive of the Society for Human Resource Management, states in a Washington Post article that the normal in-office workweek is primarily a thing of the past. He further states that businesses that want to succeed now and in the future must consider hiring out of office.

Thankfully, modern and emerging technology helps ensure that the company culture is not lost even if a significant portion of your workforce is remote. Corporate videos, branding videos, and shared video content can serve to keep remote workers connected and in touch with the company vibe, fostering collaboration and communication amongst workers, employers, and different departments. This goal can be easily achieved through a professional video hosting platform, a simple but powerful tool that lets you manage, analyze, and maximize your video content.

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In Conclusion

Is remote work here to stay? We think you know the answer. The traditional workplace will likely continue to evolve in the coming years or even disappear entirely as technology continues to enable more employees to work from home. And why not? The majority of surveyed workers enjoy working from home. But how well they perform when working remotely, and how the company fares overall, depends on whether or not remote workers have the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. And that’s why many brands and organizations can benefit from using a video management platform like Viostream, especially if there is still some concern regarding the question, is remote work here to stay.

Viostream is your go-to video platform for staff training videos, featuring a broad range of video-on-demand and live streaming features for organizations of all types. This feature-rich, secure platform also offers amazing analytics and video security and can truly transform video hosting for your business. Start your free trial today and explore your possibilities.

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