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Nov 1, 2023

How to Overhaul Key Communication Areas in 2024

How to Overhaul Key Communication Areas in 2024

More than ever before, businesses are realizing the need to transition from traditional communication methods to more dynamic and engaging mediums, and video stands at the forefront of this shift. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the public is very accustomed to  - even expecting -  information in video format. It’s frequently preferred by some younger audiences. 

Shifting the culture of your communications team toward a video-centric mentality can be difficult and take time. The key to success is to start small. 

As we finalize our 2024 plans, let's explore a few areas of corporate communication where video can, and should, take a larger role to most effectively reach your audience.

Five Ways to Integrate Video into Your Corporate Comms this Year

  1. Training and Development

Traditional training sessions can be long, tedious, and often not tailored to individual learning paces. Manuals and documentation, while essential, may not address every learner's preferred style.

With video-based training modules, companies can offer visually engaging content that caters to both auditory and visual learners. These modules can be paused, rewound, and rewatched, allowing employees to learn at their own pace.

Internal knowledge bases, full of more detailed, role-specific training content, are an excellent area to enhance with video. Read more about creating video knowledge bases.

  1. Internal Communications

Despite the best efforts of corporate communication teams, internal emails and newsletters often end up unopened or skimmed through, leading to fragmented communication.

Imagine replacing that monthly newsletter with a dynamic video digest. Through visuals, music, and concise scripting, important announcements can be highlighted, and employee achievements celebrated in a manner that's both engaging and memorable.

Tech giants like Google have transformed their internal communication with 'TGIF' videos. Instead of impersonal emails, these video messages provide a platform for leadership to discuss achievements, challenges, and future goals in an informal, relatable manner. 

  1. Product Launches and Demonstrations

Conveying the uniqueness and utility of a new product through text or static images is very challenging, especially in today’s video-centric world.

Videos capture the essence of a product in seconds, rather than paragraphs. By demonstrating features in real-time, highlighting use-cases, and even showcasing customer testimonials, videos can build anticipation and trust around a product.

Apple's product launch events are a masterclass in video marketing. Each feature of their product, from camera capabilities to chipset advancements, is meticulously demonstrated, making viewers feel both informed and excited.

  1. Crisis Communications

In times of crisis, misinformation can spread like wildfire, leading to panic and distrust. It’s vital for leaders to get in front of their stakeholders and address the issue head-on. 

Videos, especially those featuring company leaders, can be a beacon of clarity during turbulent times. They allow for a display of genuine concern, swift dissemination of accurate information, and can convey a sense of stability and direction.

Real-World Example: When the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted global travel, leading airlines like Delta used video messages to address concerns. Their CEOs explained the evolving safety protocols, changes in ticketing policies, and, most importantly, expressed genuine empathy.

Read more about crafting an effective crisis communication video

  1. Recruitment and Onboarding

Conveying the ethos, culture, and potential of a company to prospective employees or new hires can be challenging in traditional formats. 

Through recruitment videos, companies can offer virtual office tours, showcase team dynamics, and even highlight employee growth stories. For new hires, onboarding videos can provide a holistic introduction, from understanding their role to integrating into the company culture.

Real-World Example: LinkedIn’s recruitment videos are more than just a peek into their offices. They tell a story of innovation, collaboration, and growth, making potential employees feel both excited and valued.

Learn more about other ways to humanize your company’s image (LINK TO HUMANIZING POST)

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Brendan Sas
Brendan Sas is a digital designer and creator based in Sydney, Australia.
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