Why Is Corporate Video Important?

Why Is Corporate Video Important?

Video marketing is one of the most popular and effective mediums for promoting products and services. As proof of this, Content Marketing Institute reports that marketers produce much more video than they used to, with some having increased their video production by as much as 64 percent compared to 2018. But while video is getting plenty of recognition for outbound marketing, companies are also starting to realize how powerful video can be as an internal corporate communication tool. It is also an integral and essential part of a company’s corporate communication efforts.

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Why is Corporate Video Important?

Note: While corporate communication can be used to deliver messages to external consumers, this article will focus on the benefits of internal communication.

Consider this:

These statistics reveal some major reasons why corporate video is important and why it should be leveraged for internal corporate communication. But knowing why corporate video is necessary is just part of the process. Companies must also know how to go about making internal communication videos properly as a part of their business strategy.

Many corporations utilize a professional, business-oriented video platform to aid in this task. For example, Viostream is a cloud-based video hosting and management tool that enables companies to enhance their internal and external communication strategies and truly engage with their audience.

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The Importance of Internal Communication

Before delving further into why corporate video is important, consider the importance of internal communication itself. Proper communication throughout all levels of the workplace is critical to efficiency, productivity, and overall success. Strong communication leads to better relationships among employees, management, and departments. Effective communication also helps to boost employee morale and commitment to the company.

When it comes to internal communication, why is corporate video important?

Video communications can serve many purposes within an organization that gets the information across faster, more clearly, and through a medium that helps employees retain information longer. Videos can be used for onboarding, training, announcement and updates, idea sharing, and much more.

Making Video Part of Your Internal Corporate Communication Plan

Now that you have a good idea of why corporate video is important, let us explain in more detail how it can be used as part of your internal communications. There are many ways that video can be used as a tool to distribute information to employees, which reveals why internal communication videos can be essential for maintaining a productive business culture.

Employee Onboarding

New employees have a lot of information to absorb when they are hired. Employee onboarding has to address the needs of your new employees adequately, but many businesses miss out on the opportunity to do this right. Lighthouse Research and Advisory reported that companies lose up to 25 percent of new hires each year due to poor employee onboarding.

Video is an effective addition to employee onboarding for most positions, offering training on everything from corporate policy to product demos. Use video to help make employee onboarding more interesting and engaging for new hires. Using video when onboarding remote workers is also beneficial as it helps them feel connected to the company culture.

Employee Education

Video makes it easy any time you have new information or news to distribute to staff. Internal communication videos can help you educate large groups of employees much more quickly than in-person or via written material. Topics can be anything from product tutorials to news briefings to short how-to segments. They can even be used for virtual executive onboarding processes.

Retrain Current Staff

Another one of the more significant reasons why corporate video is important is for retraining and continuing education. This can be crucial to keeping a team aligned with business objectives. An internal corporate video strategy can encourage senior employees to refresh their knowledge of your products and services. Not only that, but you want to ensure that your employees stay content and engaged in their work by offering them development opportunities. Otherwise, you might lose employees who want to work where they feel they can learn, grow, and be valued.

Share Company News

Organizations have plenty of information to share, and the volume that employees have to keep up with can be overwhelming. Internal communication videos can be the best way to share company news, distribute updates, or keep employees in the loop on developing situations.

Connect With Employees

There are many ways to boost engagement, but one of the best is to develop and maintain real, authentic relationships between supervisors and direct reports. Using video to connect with employees adds a personal touch to the communication. Instead of reading impersonal emails or memos, employees can learn critical information via a medium that helps create a face-to-face relationship with managers. They can more easily learn to recognize coworkers and managers from seeing their faces in video, which helps build relationships over time.

How to Improve Your Corporate Communications

With a full understanding of why corporate video is important, you can no doubt realize that it would be beneficial to utilize tools and technology to further enhance and energize your internal communications program.

Designed by individuals and professionals who know fully why corporate video is important, the developers of Viostream have created an easy-to-use platform that facilitates the deployment of any internal corporate communication plan. It is the proven best way to engage employees and boost employee retention. Hosting your videos on a platform like Viostream can build a secure online video library to help you manage employee training, build stakeholder engagement, and create a more engaged workforce.

Ready to see how Viostream can revolutionize your internal communication plan? Sign up for a free trial today. We can help you make your videos work smarter, not harder.

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