Three Reasons Why Video Makes Compliance Training More Effective

Three Reasons Why Video Makes Compliance Training More Effective

A compliance training program is necessary for nearly any business and its employees who must adhere to regulatory and corporate policies, laws, and safety policies. Unfortunately, depending on the industry, it can also be something of an afterthought.

As more and more businesses realize why video makes compliance training more effective, managers and team leaders are switching to a video-based program. Almost 90% of employees will forget what they learn through text-based or speaker-led training without the addition of visual aids. Video, on the other hand, enables viewers to retain at least 65% of the information longer. But aside from retention, there are many other reasons why video makes compliance training more effective.

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Why Video Makes Compliance Training More Effective

Effective compliance training benefits both the employees and the companies as a whole. And, with so many employees working from home, in the field, or as part of a hybrid office, video serves as the most versatile, accessible, and cost-effective means of ensuring each employee receives the proper training.

To further aid in distributing compliance training videos, many businesses are also opting to utilize a professional video hosting and management platform. For example, Viostream is a robust, feature-rich cloud-based app ideally suited for training and learning. With this easy-to-use platform, businesses and organizations can easily foster a culture of continual learning to develop high-performing teams.

Video Makes it Easier to Visualize Information

As mentioned above, visual information makes it easier for employees to conceptualize and retain information. Using video, you can show a process rather than just describe it. Video that showcases important concepts, lessons, and processes, along with a narrative, helps the learner to better understand the lesson.

Video Engages the Viewer

Employee engagement is critical to an effective compliance training program, which is another reason why video makes compliance training more effective. Compliance training doesn’t have to be boring. Videos can tell stories or present different scenarios where individuals can act out what should be done in certain situations. Storytelling engages the viewer and ensures that employees are more apt to watch the video and remember the message.

Put simply, video is a great way to take some uninteresting legal subjects and transform them into a more entertaining, relevant, and realistic concept that viewers engage with on a personal level.

Videos are More Accessible

Video makes compliance training more effective simply because it can be viewed as often as needed, in any location, or at any time. Organizations used to have to try to schedule all employees to be present in one location at a specific time for a compliance training course or presentation. This just isn’t feasible or cost-effective in today’s modern workplace.

Instead, employees can be sent invitations to view any number of videos regardless of location. Employees can watch these videos on any computer or mobile device. Adding transcription to videos also makes them accessible for employees that may be hard of hearing. And, when using a business-oriented platform for managing and hosting videos, organizations can also take advantage of powerful analytics to effectively measure viewer engagement.

Best Practices for Video to Make Compliance Training More Effective

Now that you know why video makes compliance training more effective, consider some tips and best practices to make the most of your video content.

Keep Videos Short

There is no need to cram every point or subject into one long video. Instead, break down each topic into short learning sessions. Shorter videos convey the message better, keep viewers engaged, and don’t interrupt productivity as much as a longer video might.

Follow Up Videos with Interactivity

Help employees to better process the information with interactive elements, such as a short quiz or an opportunity for discussion. These elements help make video compliance training more effective and put the employee into a critical thinking role that boosts information retention.

Add a Personal Touch

With the amount of stock footage, graphics, and images available, it’s easy to put together a video using these resources. However, these should be used sparingly, or not at all. Employees relate better to those who are familiar or to actors with whom they feel a personal connection. Try to utilize employees within the organization to act out scenarios.

You can also opt to use animated characters that make a boring subject more fun. Believe it or not, viewers identify with animated characters because they can showcase real-life situations in a softer manner. Animations are a great way to make video compliance training more effective.

Remember Branding

Another reason why video makes compliance training more effective is you can incorporate branding into your video content. This helps employees feel a part of the company culture, which is especially important for remote and hybrid workers.

Include CTAs

While call-to-actions are typically a marketing tactic, they can play a role in why compliance training videos are more effective as well. By encouraging viewers to take action after watching the video, you can let employees know what they can do or who they can contact if they have additional questions or concerns.

Managing Your Compliance Training Videos

Understanding why video makes compliance training more effective is essential, but so is managing your videos in an efficient and organized manner. It’s also important to know just how effective your videos are. Any business that wishes to optimize the benefit of their compliance training program should consider a professional video hosting and management platform.

Viostream helps you organize, secure, and analyze your video. Unlike free video hosting platforms, Viostream will never show ads during your videos, enabling you to more meaningfully engage your audience with call-to-action capabilities. Additionally, you’ll be able to better understand engagement with comprehensive dashboards and reports. Our platform practically eliminates buffering time and can integrate with an array of business intelligence and marketing tools. Try a free trial today.

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Stuart Auld
Stuart Auld
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