The Benefits of Product Demonstration Videos

The Benefits of Product Demonstration Videos

When you offer a product for sale, you want to make sure you show the appeal of that product, including the problem it solves. It should add value to people's lives in some way, and to convince people to buy, that value must be clear.

There are many ways to demonstrate the value of your products, but one of the most powerful is product demonstrations. If you record and share videos of how your product is best used, you can offer even more value to your customers and the people considering buying—and ultimately they can be a powerful tool for growth. To get started, it's essential to understand what product demonstrations are, how to use them, and what benefits you can expect for your business.

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  1. What Are Product Demonstrations?
  2. The Top Benefits of Product Demonstrations
  3. How Viostream Can Help With Your Product Demonstrations

What Are Product Demonstrations?

Product demonstrations are videos in which skilled representatives explain the ways someone can use the product your company creates and sells. These demonstrations walk viewers through the process of using your product so they can clearly see the features and benefits. If they have already purchased the product, they can be sure they're using the product correctly and benefitting from it.

Product demonstrations might take a viewer through the process of using your creation step-by-step. Alternatively, they could show someone using the product in a typical scenario. Product demonstrations are tools used for marketing, customer support, sales—and even for employee training, as your team members also learn to use the products they are selling.

The Top Benefits of Product Demonstrations

If your company takes advantage of the power of product demonstrations, you can expect to experience a number of benefits.

Create Satisfied Buyers

After buyers spend money on your product, they want to make sure they're getting the most possible use out of their purchase. By creating and publishing product demonstration videos, you can offer reference guides that customers can view to make sure they're using your products properly and deriving the full benefit of what they bought.

Convince More People to Buy

Product demonstrations can be a marketing tool to attract people experiencing the problems that your product solves. If you know your leads have a specific need that your product can meet, you can make it clear how your product meets that need. Rather than explain the benefits of your product with words, videos make those benefits very plain: prospects can see the before and after results.

Product demonstrations also bring clarity into the selling process and can be quite convincing for people wondering if your product meets their need. You can use recorded product demonstrations as powerful marketing tools or live stream demos to show how your product can help viewers, in real time.

Create Word-of-Mouth Marketing via Social Media

A product demonstration video is a type of media that's easily shareable on social media. If you have created an impressive product demo and shared it on your own social media pages, users who view that video and are excited about your product can share it with their own followers, who then share it to their followers, and so on, thereby creating an exponential growth for your marketing effort.

Product demos are an easy way to harness word-of-mouth marketing since customers who want to spread the word about your product can quickly share a video that shows how a purchaser might benefit. Content that is easily shared on social media also encourages virality (because of the exponential sharing abilities), so product demo videos shared on social media platforms are a cost-effective way to get big results for your marketing buck.

How Viostream Can Help With Your Product Demonstrations

If you want to use product demonstrations to tackle more effective marketing practices, close more sales, and build an even more loyal customer base, then consider using Viostream.

With Viostream, you can take advantage of a branded, centralized video library where customers can access all your how-to videos in one place. Add your branding and logo to the videos to make sure everyone knows whose video they are watching. Utilize Viostream's video management capabilities to organize your videos and make them easily searchable (and sharable) by your team members. Once you have viewers, you can use Viostream's powerful reporting features to see who is watching your videos, how they're behaving after watching your videos, and how you can tweak your product demonstrations to ensure they're working for your business.

Contact our support team to discuss your video hosting needs and start seeing the benefits of Viostream for your product demonstration videos.

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