Tips for Promoting Hybrid Workplace Culture at Your Organization

Tips for Promoting Hybrid Workplace Culture at Your Organization

Culture is essential in any group business setting. If coworkers do not somewhat enjoy interacting with each other, then leaders can't sustain a positive work environment. This can result in a poor company culture.

While leaders and executives constantly make strides towards improving the culture within an organization, this can be challenging in a hybrid workplace where some people work in the office and others work remotely all or part of the time. Luckily, we have some valuable tips that can help you establish, maintain, and improve your hybrid workplace culture.

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Make Collaboration a Priority

Collaboration is a crucial element of business success. However, working remotely can make collaboration more difficult. Rather than meeting face-to-face to work on a project, employees now meet remotely over the phone or via webcam. To improve hybrid workplace culture, collaboration needs to be a top priority. Whether you're assigning groups to work together or executing a project with the rest of your own team, consistent collaboration can take company culture to new heights.

If possible, try to assign groups of people who communicate in similar ways, such as employees that prefer email over phone calls or video chat over text messages. When you join two people who actively dislike the others' preferred method of communication, this can create friction and discontent, resulting in the deterioration of company culture over time.

You also don't want to force people to work together when they prefer to work alone. Understand your employee's personal needs and bring groups together who have similar goals and interests. This can lead to improved hybrid workplace culture, including a more productive team.

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Focus On Health and Wellness

The health and wellness of your team should hold great importance for you, and your employees want to see this level of care. Especially in a hybrid workplace, your team's health and wellness are even more essential. As you may not see your employees for days or weeks on end, there may be times when you have no idea what they're going through. If employees are stressed, overwhelmed, or dealing with a personal matter, this can result in decreased productivity and efficiency.

Be sure to schedule routine, individual check-ins with your team members. This personal touch will boost your hybrid workplace culture and promote a more inclusive organization. Also, always have open communication with your employees and genuinely listen to their concerns. Provide resources and tools to help your team deal with stress, personal issues, or health concerns.

Here at Viostream, we understand the importance of sustaining a positive hybrid workplace culture. With the help of our video management solutions, you can stay updated on the well-being of your team. You can create videos about health and wellness tips, add content about company health resources, and even send videos to simply check in with your employees. Start your free trial today.

Build a Shared Purpose

Businesses are more successful when everyone is on the same page regarding a shared purpose. If team members are confused about the purpose of the business as a whole, the hybrid workplace culture can suffer. While this is easier to accomplish when everyone is in the office, it can still happen with a hybrid team—it might just take a little more energy.

To make a positive impact, leaders must be intentional about discussing a shared purpose with the group. This can happen by constantly talking about goals as a team, including how everyone's work is connected to the big picture.

Be Transparent

Having full transparency with your team is a great way to boost hybrid workplace culture. When employees aren't updated with news around the office or don't know about a particular part of the business, they can feel less valuable.

When your team isn't physically located in the office, achieving this goal can be challenging. In an in-person office, transparency often occurs naturally through regular dialogue and meetings. In a remote or hybrid environment, transparency needs a little more attention. As a leader, it's important to keep your team in the loop about business developments, new changes, or other key information about the organization. Even if these updates aren't positive, employees appreciate it when you are honest with them.

Viosteam understands the importance of having transparency with your team. However, scheduling regular meetings can be time-consuming. With our easy-to-use video platform, you can build informative videos and send them to your entire workforce in just seconds. You can talk about announcements, updates around the business, or anything else! Start your free trial with Viostream today.

Don't Just Talk About Work

Teams can get so caught up with work that it's all they talk about. While these conversations can be valuable, building hybrid workplace culture involves dialogue about other areas of life. Talking about weekend plans, hobbies, or even just small talk can go a long way in promoting culture. Take a few minutes at the beginning of each meeting to chat with your employees about something not related to work. If that doesn't feel natural, you can also hold an event such as an online trivia game or virtual happy hour where team members can socialize.

Viostream is a video hosting platform that can boost hybrid workplace culture through professional, engaging video solutions. You can post videos to keep employees updated, add content about an exciting upcoming event, or even share a funny joke. You can even build a video series about the health and wellness resources available to your team. Start your free trial today!

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Evan Parker
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