Our Top 3 Video Collaboration Tools

Our Top 3 Video Collaboration Tools

Over the past few years, companies have realized that online video is a powerful tool for organizations. Not only can videos help companies master marketing, they can also improve internal communications, allow for large-scale events to happen without an in-person audience, and perfect training processes.

Taking it one step further, online conferencing tools also have a slew of benefits. There are many online resources that also allow people to work and meet without having to be in person. These video collaboration tools allow work sessions to happen even if participants aren't in the same room, creating the potential for a remote workforce.

Here's the list of our top video collaboration tools that allow people to work together over the web, without having to travel to anyone else's office or desk.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the great video collaboration tools for a professional setting. It is meant to be used as part of Office 365, so businesses that use Microsoft software solutions will find Microsoft Teams intuitive and convenient. Use the program to not only have video conferences, but also to share presentations while on group video calls. One of the best parts of Microsoft Teams is that it was built with collaboration in mind, so all team members who are on a call on the platform can work on shared documents or presentations and coordinate to come up with one product — all from the comfort of their own desks.

Google Meet

Google Meet is another of the most popular video collaboration tools on the web. The program was created to facilitate real-time video meetings and web-based connections between people. But it allows participants to do much more than just see each other and talk. In Google Meet, you can easily screen share, so you can all see the project you're working on. Chat is easy, either by speaking in the meeting or via the chat function within the platform.

Google Meet works in tandem with Google Workspace, an online destination where participants can access and edit items such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides all together.

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Zoom became one of the most popular video collaboration tools and platforms for video meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has remained an invaluable tool for remote collaboration in the workforce. Zoom sets up virtual meeting rooms where participants can gather as if they are in the same tangible space. Collaboration on Zoom is enhanced by screen share features, where people can share their computer screens with other meeting participants, and co-annotation features that go along with that, so multiple people within the meeting can make notes and comments on the shared material.

Zoom , as one of the best video collaboration tools, also features remote control offerings, so people who are not necessarily in the charge of the meeting or sharing their screens can be given control of the screen to share their skills and abilities. The online meeting platform also has a whiteboard feature, which is a shared blank space where any meeting participants can write, draw, or add to what's already been written. Zoom also integrates with myriad software programs that allow you to bring in additional data and information, as well as collaboration tools that you can use while you are connected via video in a Zoom meeting.

Why Choose Viostream in Addition to Video Collaboration Tools

Video collaboration tools enable live video meetings in real-time. Many experts believe they are the future of work and communication. So if you want to fully harness the power of video to help you grow your business, then you'll want a platform like Viostream that allows you to do more with video.

Once you have used these tools to record meetings, you can upload them to the Viostream platform for people who couldn't make the meetings, attendees who want to re-watch or review any relevant materials, or to serve as a record for legal purposes.

For more features and functionality that allow you to use video in myriad ways, choose Viostream. Viostream is among the world's leading video platforms for businesses. Viostream allows you to keep a branded, secure organizational video library, and host a video-based learning management system. To check out all that Viostream has to offer your company, start your free trial today. You can see how video is an essential tool for helping businesses succeed and enjoy the benefits of using it to help your business thrive and grow.

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